Toy testers – boy approved!

I’m not your typical big box store shopper. I live downtown, I like to fancy myself the urbanite who shops local and can walk to the store within a few blocks for all of my needs. We have some pretty amazing local stores, including toy stores. But I’m also not anti-big box stores. Cheap stuff, en masse, has its appeal too. I have a car and I know how to use it when the need arises.

So my middle-of-the-road approach to life and commerce heard about Walmart Toy Testing this past summer. “A morning spent playing with new toys?” I said to myself, “What a great idea!”

We registered, and my boys were among the lucky 600 families chosen!

toy testing

Now I don’t know if it appeals, but keep your eye out early July, that’s when Walmart puts out the call. In fact, Urban Suburban Mommy will bring you the announcement. I promise.

Meanwhile, my boys spent 2 hours playing with drones, NERF guns, LEGO, Monster High Dolls, blow-up toys, robot cats, art supplies, action figures, educational games and a few things that I would NEVER EVER EVER allow in my house.

boys flying drones

I think that Walmart did it right. They really let the kids go to town. They had an app and wifi so that parents could easily rate and rank their kids’ experiences, likes, dislikes and opinions about pricing. Walmart has just released their Top 20 toys for the holidays, and I think they did a great job. These are kid-tested and kid-approved – by my kids!

I wouldn’t necessarily buy everything on Walmart’s Top 20 list, but I’m not offended.  I never know what to buy other people’s children, but having seen them at play, I’d put some stock into picking off of the Top 20 list.

Unless you’ve got any better ideas? I’d love to hear your suggestions for this year’s hottest holiday gifts for kids – care to share?

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