We’re very different when it comes to caffeine, so let’s get into some coffee talk.


Suburban Mommy Michelle tells it:

The most important thing these days for me is caffeine (I know I should be drinking green tea). This of course is what gets me through the day. I am not an addict but if I don`t do my 2 cups a day, it is a struggle.

1. Starbucks

I love a good strong brew. My order: usually a Grande but sometimes a Vente Soy Cappuccino. A bit of cinnamon and chocolate sprinkled on top, and yes, 3 sugars. (I know, bad).

Starbucks gives me a really good pick me up.

2. Nescafe French Vanilla – Brewed at Home

Admittedly, every day I do drink my huge cup of coffee at home. My guilty pleasure is a cup of Nescafe French Vanilla with soy milk and a teaspoon of stevia. It’s not as strong as a Starbucks brew but provides a good jolt for at least the morning.

3. Aroma

My number one favourite place to get my caffeine injection is Aroma. Again, like at Starbucks, I usually order a large Soy Cappuccino with the cinnamon and sugar. I love, love, love the flavour and Aroma coffee keeps me going for the whole day.

Urban Mommy Elisa tells it:

I wish I’d never given up caffeine, life might be different now if I still had the little pick-me-up to get me through my day, but I don’t do caffeine. Truth is, I MISS IT!! I like mint tea well enough, and sometimes I’ll go for liquorice tea or even ginger lemon, but the truth is, I love coffee. I drink decaf. And I put up with my fair share of people asking why I even bother. But I love it.

1. Starbucks

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I have a hard time turning down a grande decaf latte. I love it with soy milk. Or just a plain old decaf Americano. I like my coffee black and unflavoured, unsweetened. Even when I drank coffee, I drank it black.

2. Decaf Nescafe

My love of decaf instant coffee horrifies people. I keep it in my desk drawer and there’s always a jar at home too. I find most places that serve decaf (except Starbucks) have burnt, stale, old disgusting decaf sitting on the burner, and it’s generally pretty pitiful, awful-tasting stuff. So I stick with instant. But not just any instant coffee. Nescafe is delicious. And when it’s warm, if you put Nescafe, water and ice in the blender or bullet (yes, I’m a huge fan of the Magic Bullet), it froths, like a fancy five dollar frappé.

3. Any indie shop

I try to go local when I can, so I’ll step into any local café and try their coffee. Because I drink my decaf black, if the bean isn’t good and the coffee isn’t fresh, there’s no forgiving. It’s really the acid test for how good a café really is. But the independents do try hard and I’ve seldom been disappointed.

We don’t have anyone to talk tea with you – so we’ll keep this post all coffee. We would love to hear about your own caffeine-inspired recommendations.


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