Love your smackers!

When winter hits I have the driest lips on the planet.  They crack (TMI: sometimes bleed.  Just gross).  I have tried every lip balm and chap and nothing has ever really worked. I do have a couple of go-to lip savers that I alternate.  They vary in price point, but each has the benefits of keeping my smackers moist and kissable! (Did I just say that!)

Here are my faves, in no particular order:

  1. smackersEOS 

EOS lip balm is great for scent and flavour. They are also pretty reasonably priced.  EOS balms keep your lips fairly hydrated, but you need to continually reapply. These balms are definitely great before the true cold and dry season hits. (and did you know EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. They nailed it!)

  1. smackersClarins Lip & Contour Balm

I stumbled upon the Clarins balm one day when I was super-desperate to stop my lips from chapping.  With toque in tow, I walked into my local drugstore and asked for the best balm they had.  Little did I know that this tiny little pot would cost $40+.  I didn’t care.  I applied the balm and it actually worked to rehydrate my lips.  I definitely recommend. Of course, I reapplied so many times that the pot didn’t last very long.

  1. smackersElizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

So again, I was so desperate for some lip relief last winter that I asked a friend who works at a beauty boutique for suggestions.  She gave me a sample of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to try.  I put it on my lips and I instantly felt my lips were being saved.  My friend explained that this cream can be used on the lips or cracked hands.  Apparently, it was originally manufactured as a balm for horse hooves. Yes, you heard me, horse hooves.  That being said, this cream has a very medicinal smell. I really don’t mind it but my husband has made comments about the scent.

  1. Clinique Chubby Stickclinique chubby stick - smackers

I am a big fan of the Clinique brand in general. I love that their products are hypoallergenic. I have very dry and irritable skin (if you hadn’t guessed). I love the Chubby Stick.  It is definitely moisturizing and comes in a variety of colours, which is pretty cool.  So, you have a balm and a lipstick in one.

Depending on how much love your smackers need in any given day, give these products a try and let me know which ones you love best, or if you have any other recommendations.  I am always ready to try new products that heal my aching dry lips.

Muah!kissy lips - smackers

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