The Urban Suburban Daddy’s holiday wish list

So apparently my husband thinks I won the lotto and didn’t tell him.  No socks or underwear aren’t on this year’s list. These holiday wish-list items are go-big-or-go-home – which means I will be working 3 jobs to complete this list! Kidding, that’s why it’s called a wish list…like you wish!  I can definitely appreciate some of these items so don’t get me wrong, wait until he sees my list.

urban suburban daddy wish list nixon watch1. Nixon Watch

According to my husband, it can be just any Nixon watch. The new fashion trend for men is to wear thin dressy watches to work. The reason why the thin part is important is that you don’t want your watch to get caught in the sleeve of your dress shirt. Makes sense.

urban suburban daddy wish list toro snow blower2. Toro Snowblower – Power Clear 

Ok this one leans more towards a need vs. want. It’s a big ticket item which the Toro name is built to last. We live in the suburbs which means more snow – and a serious driveway. Sometimes the good ol’ shovel ain’t gonna cut it. My husband doesn’t want a big one – he’s not being greedy, he’s just trying to save on time and diminish back pain.

urban suburban daddy wish list galaxy note3. Samsung Note 4

My husband actually doesn’t want the newest Samsung phone (Note 5). He prefers the Note 4. Unlike the Note 4, The Note 5 does not allow you change the battery or increase memory (similar to the Apple phones). So here’s the hard part – try and track down a new Note 4. Kijjij it is….

urban suburban daddy wish list beer wine fridge4. Danby Wine Cooler (well actually his Beer Fridge)

This is of course a need and a want. Beer is an essential food group, right? My husband likes to entertain  and having cold drinks readily available is important. Beer fridge. Check.

5. Dewalt Drill – 20 max volt combo kit (DEWALT DCK240C2 20-Volt MAX* Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit)

Surprisingly, one of the least expensive things on the wish list. I am OK with this one. With this drill…I can put him to work!

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