App App App App

We don’t know how our mothers did it, but we can’t imagine a world without apps. What’s on your homescreen? In no particular order, here are a few of our faves!

Suburban Mommy Michelle tells it:


It’s free, which is awesome. The app actually curates playlists for you according to mood, genre or what you are doing like “Driving” or “Entering Beast Mode” (yikes, that one scares me). You can also search for your favourite artist. So, for example, I feel like breathing in a zen moment. I can quickly search for New Age Music or Enya or Dido – you name it – it’s there. But what I love the most is that there is also music to calm my 4-month old baby. This app is super handy when you are sick of sshhhing. Of course my 4 year old can rock out to Bruno Mars whenever he chooses.


Who doesn’t want to stay organized and save a buck at the same time. I absolutely love the FLIPP APP and it is perfect for moms who dig price matching. You can either search a product such as toilet paper or a brand name such as Charmin. Once you search, the app will show you all sales (if there are any during your chosen week) for this particular product or brand. You then select the grocery store or department store that has the best deal. Click on the item. A circle will appear around the item so you know that you have marked it and it is automatically saved to your clippings. You can then show the cashier at the checkout. They recently added a feature called Coupon and it helps with additional savings while shopping. When you search for a product or brand, if coupons are available they will appear. You then need to print the coupons and bring them with you on your grocery excursion. I highly recommend.


I love WhatsAPP – it isn’t a new app but I find that it’s the best free and instant messaging program for both android and apple. You can share pics, shoot video and even record audio vs. typing. I often record sweet audio messages from my son to his dad and send. My little guy particularly loves hearing the audio messages that he receives back from his dad (good night messages or be home messages or have a good day messages). Whatsapp is far better than texting because you don’t get charged from your phone carrier when you send pics – huge savings for this household!

urban suburban apps

Urban Mommy Elisa tells it:

1. Starbucks

What can I say? I’m addicted to decaf coffee. Once you stop laughing, hear me out. It’s always consistent, I can pay with the app, I get rewards and deals and free coffee just for using the app – they even treat you to a freebie on your birthday (and for other random reasons). And sometimes free wifi is all you really need so  you can sit down at your computer/iPad and get something done. With a latte.

2. Uber

I always loved taking cabs but Uber has it dialled in at a whole new level. I love being able to see my car close in. I love driving around in the car of my choosing. I love being driven around – and this is really very much an ‘urban thing’ but from avoiding the frustration of traffic, to knowing that parking and gas will cost more than cabfare, being driven around is the best!

3. Voicemail Santa

This one lets you leave voicemails for Santa. My boys love it – and it’s very important this time of year – though it works all year long! When they do something great I ask them if they want to call Santa to tell him and add themselves to the Good List. And when they’re acting insane, sometimes my little one asks if he can call Santa and apologize. It’s adorable.

The voice is done well and sounds the way you feel Santa should sound, and the message is super cute. It has prompts: Press 1 to add someone to the Nice List, Press 2 to add someone to the Naughty List. Press 3 to leave a general message or present request. It’s all very fun for children, and oh, so innocent. When you need to know what’s on your kids’ wish lists just get them to call it in to Santa – and listen in!

I love Shazam, Dropbox, CNN, Calendar, C25K, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, e-bay, Bubblewrap and Find my iPhone, too. I couldn’t live without my apps. Nope, couldn’t.


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