5 + things to help you fight your kiddo’s cold

inset - when the kiddos are sick

Cold and flu season is in full effect. I have my go-to remedies and over the counter medicines like Tylenol Cold and Flu. But the trouble is – what do you do when your kids are sick? One of my children is only 5 months and can’t tell me what’s bothering him, which is an even bigger challenge when trying to find a cause and a cure.

By no means am I a doctor, do I claim to be one or play one on TV, but here are some of the things that I use and do to help my kiddos feel a little better when they are under the weather.


coryzaliaI love this product and it does actually work. I find that after I administer a dose, everything starts running including eyes and nose and although it may be unpleasant for your little ones for a short while – it does help drain the nasal passage.
Coryzalia relieves cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and acute rhinitis in children ages 1 month and up. Available in easy-to-administer drinkable unit-doses, Coryzalia is sugar-, dye-, and preservative-free.

Available in 10 or 30 liquid unit-doses. Coryzalia used to be a hard find but I am noticing that it is now available at many pharmacies as well as Walmart.
Boogie wipes

Boogie Wipes
The name says it all. Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. As much as you think it may be OK to wipe your kiddos nose with a paper towel, toilet paper, a kleenex or a diaper wipe…it’s not…their little noses are sensitive and can become raw with too many wipes. The saline in Boogie wipes are quite moisturizing. I even use them myself on occassion.

Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator

hydrasenseMore often times than not, I don’t use the actual saline solution that comes with the Nasal Aspirator kit. I find that the solution burns (I actually tried it myself). The saline is beneficial in cases where your kiddos has a really dry, mucus-filled nose. I love this product for the aspirator. Most little ones can’t understand the concept or are incapable of blowing their noses – although the concept is gross, it works. You put the aspirator to your mouth – insert the end into your kid’s nose and suck…there is a filter to catch boogers, so don’t worry. Kiddos usually scream but it definitely clears up their little noses and provides instant relief.

pure guardian humidifierIf your kiddos have the sniffles, I highly recommend placing a humidifier in the room to pump some moisture into their dry rooms. I personally like the brand Pure Guardian which is available in different sizes and emits either hot or cold vapor.
Just a couple other quick suggestions: If you don’t have a humidifier, close your bathroom door. Run a very hot shower so that the bathroom fills with steam. Have your child come into the bathroom and breathe in the hot air for about 10 minutes. It definitely clears the congestion.

A Spoonful of Honey
I just started trying this on my four year old as I didn’t feel comfortable doing this at an earlier age. My son was hacking endlessly. I asked him to swallow a spoonful of honey and, although he made a face, it did help diminish his cough.

Vitamin C found in oranges definitely also helps combating colds.

Of course the best way to kick a cold or flu is sleep! Night Night.

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