Fashion stylist to the stars Alissia Marciano gets down and dirty on being a styling mommy

instagramCelebrity Stylist Alissia Marciano (and fellow mom) talks to us about the best mommy digs! Alissia is also Urban Suburban Mommy’s regular fashion and lifestyle contributor.

Here is a list of Alissia’s must-have pieces every mom should own and why!

1. A black comfy biker leather jacket: See Saint Laurent’s biker leather jacket from the Spring 2016 ready to wear collection for inspiration: Simple, Rock n’ Roll and easy!

Make sure to have a biker inspired jacket. Not only is it stylish and edgy but it wears well with all the wear and tear your clothes something go through with having children.

2. A slim/skinny pair of black ankle jeans (can take you into evening with a pair of heels): A skinny or slim pair of black ankle jeans give a nice long elongated silhouette and also hides all those kiddie spills. It’s also a great transition piece to have if you end up having an impromptu dinner plan. Simply add a pair of heels, shoulder duster earrings and a red lip and you’re good to go. (All of those things can easily be carried in your ‘diaper’ bag.)

9c63541cf433f883b045fc67228c32bb3. A pair of converse: A pair of white converse always gives an outfit a hip rock n’ roll edge. It adds a tomboy feel to a feminine look. Whether it’s pairing them with a cute summer dress or with a pair of skinny black jeans it adds the perfect amount of attitude. Plus the comfort factor is a 10:)

4. Ballet flats or leather moccasins: Having these options in your wardrobe will easily add a soft and feminine or bohemian touch to your outfit.

5. A stylish ’diaper’ bag that can double as a purse- Big note here: you DON’T HAVE to buy a “DIAPER” bag. You just need to have a bag big enough to accommodate all your baby’s necessities and some of your own personal belongings. There are many great options out there that are stylish and kid friendly. Here are a few examples:

6. Heels: There should be enough room in your ‘diaper’ bag to put your heels in because who knows if you might drop the kids off at their grandparents and have an impromptu drink with your partner after a long day. Heels will always elongate the leg, make you walk differently and feel sexier in an instant.

shoulder duster earings7. A pair of shoulder duster earrings: To be on trend for Spring 2016 simply add a pair of shoulder duster earrings to your look for those special evenings out!

8. Lace bras and underwear – You still need to feel sexy: Ditch those nursing bras post breastfeeding and then get properly fitted for your new bras. Cotton sport bras just won’t do it, mothers. The closest things on our body are our undergarments. Lace, silk and satin have the ability to make us feel sexy. So why not treat ourselves and bodies to that every day and first thing in the morning.

9. A good pair of shades: With all the late nights that come along with being a mother invest in a good pair of sunglasses for those sleepless nights.

red lips10. A red/pink lipstick: I find that a nice red or pink lip always livens up the face along with a nicely mascara’d eye.

11. A good serum, face and eye cream: Make sure to drink plenty of water through out the day and always apply a good quality serum, face and eye cream. We cannot forget to take care of ourselves.

2. Are there better patterns or fabrics for moms?

Cottons, linens, silks, natural fabrics are the best to gravitate towards. You want to wear fabrics that breath. A mom is always on the go and multitasking.

When it comes to patterns choose one piece of clothing to highlight with a graphic print. I know on the runway for spring 2016 we’re are seeing some print on print. But I would suggest easing into it and focusing on piece to showcase. For example a scarf, shoes, purse or top. For those moms who shy away from intense graphic prints the classic stripe reinvented does the trick.

3. Tips for moms in a rut about their appearance who instead, live in sweat pants?

It’s one of the most wonderful things in the world to be a mother. It does however come with it’s fair share of challenges. Late nights, running around and at times wearing yourself thin. It’s extremely important to carve out time for yourself to recalibrate. It may seem easier to slip on sweat pants to start your day off but in fact it will prove to be a disservice to you as a woman in the long run. Let’s face it sweats are comfortable but should be reserved for the gym or late nights at home. It’s important to maintain that feminine side that feels sexy and desired. It may seem like more effort to get properly dressed in the morning with a hint of makeup but you will see that your day will somehow go a little bit smoother. You know the saying ‘dress for success’. Well mothers should take that message and adapt it to their everyday lives. Each and every day should try to be a success. Whether it’s driving your kids to school, around to other activities or changing diaper after diaper each one of those little tasks completed is a small success. And why not do all of that while looking good! A women’s whole attitude changes when we feel and look great. Living in sweats will only get you in a slump so shed those clothes and step it up a notch. I am not talking about red carpet ready looks in the beginning. Start with baby steps and curate a small wardrobe for yourself that is effortlessly chic. Being a mother I know that time is precious so everything must be quick and easy. Having these pieces in your closet will make you feel like a new and revived woman when starting your day.

Moms – Here is my complete list of must haves for your closet:

-Slim/skinny black pair of ankle jeans
-black button down shirt
-biker leather jacket
-vintage looking rock n roll tee
-light weight sheer cotton t-shirts in white, black and gray
-a couple spanish inspired blouses ( a few ruffles adds a nice touch)-lace bras and underwear
-a lingerie inspired slip dress (effortless and easy) for those special evenings out
-ballet flats/ moccasins

Make sure to check out some of Alissia’s upcoming posts right here at Urban Suburban Mommy.

AlissiaAlissia Marciano is an international fashion and wardrobe stylist, as well as, an on-air celebrity fashion host. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has worked and forged her talent around the world in such cities as Paris, New York, Vancouver, and Toronto. From guest appearances on Rachael Ray, to the countdown to the Oscars on the red carpet with E!, and co-hosting Look A Like and Sexy Girl,  Alissia is a prominent figure in the fashion industry and her success has earned her the reputation of a highly sought after international fashion and celebrity stylist. Beyond fashion and music, Alissia’s portfolio includes an extensive list of advertising clients including Diesel, ESPN, Nike, Acura, Orbit, and CAT. Her eclectic mix of femininity and rock n’ roll has graced the pages of such publications as L’Uomo Vogue, Neo 2 (Spain), Entertainment Weekly, New York Moves, Wonderland (Japan), The National (UAE) and Filler to name a few. In addition to her work in the industry, Alissia has two beautiful boys with whom she shares many wonderful adventures and creates lasting memories with, surfing and skateboarding being two of their favorite activities.


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