Top 5 host gifts – according to Urban Suburban Daddy

urban suburban daddy headphonesOur Urban Suburban Daddy is onto something here. Usually it’s a ‘Hostess Gift’ and it’s either something for the home or something with a feminine touch – flowers, wine, candles… Yes, we love these things, and it’s too true, Dad usually isn’t the one bringing the homemade pie to the neighbour’s holiday party. But since our Urban Suburban Daddy is quite the socialite, accepting invites far and wide, we asked him what he thought would be the coolest host gift if he were laying out the spread at our house.

What he wants:

1. Wine, Alcohol or Beer (why am I not surprised) Gift Basket

Nobody’s shocked at this one, it’s a pretty typical answer. Think outside the wine box – we suggest curating a themed gift of spirits, ales or wine.

Try this: Buy an ice bucket, select 5 or 6 flavoured, international beers such as Friuli (Strawberry beer from Belgium) or Wells Banana Bread Beer (UK). Place the beer inside the bucket, wrap with cellophane and a bow. You could do the same with red wines for example or little bottles of vodka.

wells banana bread beer
Wells Banana Bread Beer (UK)
Früli Strawberry Beer (Belgium)









2. Recipe Book

Our Urban Suburban Daddy is a budding foodie, and has finally admitted he’d like to be able to cook as well as some of those chefs we make him (like we have to twist his arm!) watch. One of his picks is from the selection of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. Feel free to inscribe it and mark off the recipe you want him to make the next time you come for dinner.

Jamies comfort food recipe book
Jamie’s Comfort Food – Jamie Oliver

3. Barbecue Grilling Set

You can pick up a Barbecue Grilling Set at a department or big box store. Have a look at this great set from BergHoff. You can even get creative with the theme and combine gifts numbers 2 and 3, just grab a grilling recipe books such as Bobby Flay’s Grill It (an oldie but a goodie) and pair it with a Barbecue Grill Set.

BergHOFF grilling set
BergHOFF Geminis 33 piece Grilling Set with case

4. Hot Sauce, Flavour-Makers & Jams

Like the hopped up gift basket suggested above, our Urban Suburban Daddy thinks it would be very cool to be on the receiving end of a selection of delectable and different hot sauce, rubs, marinades and even jams.

An assortment of rubs for a flavourful gift
An assortment of rubs from Williams Sonoma for a flavourful gift

5. Play List

Our Urban Suburban Daddy is a DJ by night, so the perfect gift for him is music. It’s also one of those great personal gifts. With the help of iTunes you can make your own playlist and present a USB stick full of awesome music for the holiday party or burn a CD if you’re old school like that. We are crushing on Drake and The Weekend right now – who doesn’t love a little Hotline Bling? Another suggestion is to go the old fashion route and pick up a copy of a CD – Adele is smoking hot this holiday! (And gratuitous video because you know you can’t get enough – we can’t either!) 

What’s your beat? Bring it to the party!

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