Bath or shower?

I think my love of baths must be genetic. I have always been a bather. I would bathe for hours while I wrote term papers. I would take ‘bird baths’ – quick little baths instead of a shower – before going out. I’m a bath bomber, I’m a bubbler, I’m a three-reheater and I think my little muppets have inherited the bath genes.

bath or shower
photo by: Iain Watson

We’re not the nightly bath type of family. Honestly, I don’t know who has time for that between playdates, swimming, karate, grocery shopping and homework. But I can never figure out whether baths or showers are better for the boys.

Showers are definitely faster but baths are far more fun.

I love a good, long bath, and so do my kids. But a bath turns into an hour of splashing and playing and toys in the water and a sopping wet floor. The problem is, I’m not comfortable leaving them in the tub without watching them.

They’re too big to bathe together – not too old, just too big. And I cannot spend 2 hours letting them bathe, one after the next. Showers aren’t their favourite, so they’re fast and easy, but the boys only put up with them grudgingly.

What do you do?


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