Getting kitchen ready for baby

My babe is ready to eat food…yippee! Pretty darn exciting in my opinion! It also means that he is growing up way too fast – but at the same time, it is so cool watching him go through the many milestones in just 4 short months.

photo: Kellinahandbasket
photo: Kellinahandbasket

Now that I am psyched to get him ready for that Kodak moment where he sprays his first mouthful of peas on me and my wall, I realized that I need to get my kitchen ready.
What does that mean exactly – well I need to buy or make sure that I have a couple things essential things to make feeding baby easy peasy (no pun intended). I am sharing my list so that you are ready when that big day rolls around.

1. Bumbo Chair

kitchen ready for baby - bumbo chair with tray

My little guy is only four months and is still a little too small for a high chair. I definitely recommend a Bumbo chair that your babe can sit on while being fed. Bumbo has come a long way in terms of safety. The chair now comes with straps and a tray. I put my son on the table in his Bumbo and feed him. **Just a note of caution – never leave your child unattended on a surface other than the ground.**

2. Bibs (lots of them)
kitchen ready for baby - bibs

Make sure you have at least 4-5 washable and waterproof bibs. I bought a pack of Gerber bibs from Walmart that have been serving me well so far.

3. Long-necked plastic spoons
kitchen ready for baby - long necked spoons

While on my same Walmart shopping trip, I also picked up a package of Munchkin spoons. They are fantastic because they are long and easy to handle.

4. Little Bowls
kitchen ready for baby - ikea bowls

I have a variety of bowls that I purchased – I actually bought some disposable Fisher Price bowls with lids that work great and also have sturdier bowls from IKEA. Either work just fine.

5. Storage Containers
kitchen ready for baby - storage containers

I recommend having 5-6 small Rubbermaid storage containers to transport food for baby on the go or to store in the fridge. You can also buy small feeding cubes from different brands such as Kid Central (these are great if you are planning to make your own food).

6. Hand Blender
kitchen ready for baby - hand blender

If you are making your own food, I definitely recommend a good hand blender like the Smart Stick from Cuisinart. Making baby food is the same principal as making pureed soups – once you boil or steam, you add water and pulverize.

Besides these kitchen essentials, I definitely recommend having a roll of paper towel nearby – it can get rather messy. And of course, make sure you have a camera or phone handy to capture these precious moments of your baby’s first tasting.

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