The jammies of our dreams!

image001I have tried many a sleeper with my boys, and my vote goes to the ‘Pekkle’ brand, which I have only ever purchased at Costco. I did a little digging, and it looks like you can also find the brand on Kijjji, Ebay and some other smaller retailers and second hand shops. The brand is somewhat exclusive to Costco – and let me tell you they are worth your membership card.

Most of the sleepers that I have purchased – like the Carter’s brand – almost always shrink in the wash. The Pekkle brand has minimal – virtually no shrinkage –  when you wash them. The colours don’t fade and then are made of amazing fabrics which definitely last. My first son had many Pekkle sleepers that were passed down to his cousin and are now being worn by his little brother, and they still are in great shape!

The sleepers are generally available in a variety of designs and colours for both boys and girls. They are lightweight and are also easy to fasten. The sleepers are usually about $7.99. If you’re lucky, sometimes you can find them on sale at Costco which is seriously the time to load up your cart.

Loving the Pekkle brand for value and great quality.

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