Kelly Clarkson, pregnancy #2, baby #2… and #3?

River Rose - Kelly Clarkson
kellyclarkson: In other news, River’s gonna have a little baby brother 🙂 #itsaboy We’re so excited!

I love Kelly Clarkson. Her music isn’t exactly my fave – though I did like how she trashed his place in her “Since you’ve been gone” video, but early on in my relationship with my husband, maybe just weeks into living at his place, (2004) my husband worked on her video for Behind these hazel eyes. He shot through the night, and in the morning I woke up to a bouquet of red roses in a white ribbon on the pillow beside me. One of the bouquets used in the shoot. It was sweet. Kelly will always hold a special place.

(Those roses...)
(Those are my roses…)

But it’s not just the videos, it’s the fact that she’s real. She’s handled the fame and pregnancy and the media with grace and strength. She’s not the untouchable, she’s one of us.

So, by chance, I heard about her radio interview yesterday with 103.7’s Leigh Ann & Courtney Uncorked, where the 33-year-old singer dropped a hint that her pregnancy was actually twins. Congrats Kelly!

“When I pop out these kids…” Doesn’t that sound like she’s eluding to twins? You decide, have a listen here.

And then she went on to say she was experiencing hyperemesis. For anyone who hasn’t had such severe morning sickness that they were 25 pounds lighter the day after they gave birth than the day they got pregnant, let me explain. Hyperemesis is sever morning sickness. It’s morning, afternoon, evening and nightsickness. It’s never being able to stop throwing up. You get dehydrated. You get malnourished. You get zapped of all energy, and still you can’t stop throwing up. My doctor told me morning sickness was a sign of a good, strong pregnancy, and I clung to that as I found myself constantly racing to the bathroom, even as I finished up my 8th month.

They’ve already announced they’re having a boy, will it be a two-for-one? We’ll see in about 6 months, won’t we!

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