5 tips to help you defy your true age

So, your forties.

Yup, things start wrinkling, become blurry, sag, grey – you get it. You may even live it too. Now listen, everyone has their stance on Botox and surgery. Frankly, I used to be against it – until I started noticing and experiencing the terrible things I noted above. Now my position is – if you can afford it and you want to do it, go for it!

But because I am regularly dumping my earnings into childcare, diapers and food, I have to stick to clever and cost-effective ways of maximizing the fountain of youth. I am not trying to be 20. I am just trying to ‘look’ 20!

Ok 30.


Anyway, I have compiled some great anti-aging tips and products for you:

Combating Grey

I regularly dye my hair, every 5 weeks. Some of you may have been blessed with great genes in the hair department – lucky!  But for those of you who are grey, this is the way!

Bye Bye Gray by Marc Anthony
Bye Bye Gray by Marc Anthony

In between my dye jobs I often have greys peek through in places like my part and temples. I have tried the crayon and mascara-type temporary root paints. I find that they are sticky, gross and look super fake. Then  I came across the Marc Anthony Bye Bye Gray products, and they work like a charm.  It’s a spray dye (kinda like hair spray). The product now comes with a mascara type brush to blend in. I often use a towel or a hair brush.

Love it. You must try it. It comes in 3 colours and is available at most pharmacies and department stores.

Invest in a good bra

Change Lingerie
Change Lingerie

So many women don’t realize the importance of getting properly sized and investing in a good bra to hold the girls in place. Breasts actually change size many times – i.e. lose weight, gain weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning etc.  If you were a size 34B in your 20s, I guarantee you are not the same size these many moons later. You should get measured and fitted often. Go to a specialty bra shop. My personal fave shop is Change (they carry sizes all the way up to a ‘K’).

[Urban Mommy Elisa adds: As a big busted mama, (40 E gasp!) getting a good bra is a back-saver. Most big sizes come in beige, white and black. A specialty bra store is a must! A good bra can be a pretty bra, and a pretty bra will put the bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye! Don’t just settle for a big beige boulder holder. While the biggies won’t be made of delicate silk or lace because the fabric has some hard work to do, the colours, styles and embellishments are not size-specific.]

Stay Hydrated

hydrationOK, I’ll admit it – I am really not good at this one. But when I went to a beauty counter one day and complained of wrinkles on my forehead, the makeup consultant actually said – they’re not wrinkles – it’s dehydration.  Sure enough, as soon as I gulped a gallon of water those lines faded.  So yes drink lots of water. Your skin will remain supple.

Work Out

Kat's Clinic, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Nutritionist, Kathryn Kusyszyn
Kat’s Clinic, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Nutritionist, Kathryn Kusyszyn

I know – easier said than done.  It is so important to stay fit.  Right now I have committed to yoga at least once a week and I have to tell you it is strengthening my core and my mind at the same time.  Try a Yin Yoga class right now.  My personal fav at the moment.  It’s not laborious but you hold poses anywhere between 3-6 minutes so you definitely tighten up muscles.  Just move as much as you can.  I often put music videos on and dance with my kids to bust a sweat…yes a little Bieber action is a good thing!


Clinique Superdefense
Clinique Superdefense

Just as important as investing in a good bra – investing in a good moisturizer is key.  It also goes hand in hand with staying hydrated. Your skin needs it too. I am a superfan of the Clinique product line.  The products are amazing and they are hypoallergenic. I have very sensitive skin and I have never had an issue with any of line. My beauty regime includes applying Clinique Superdefense cream followed by applying Clinique Moisture Surge over top.



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