Delicious Italiano salad

italiano saladOk so I made up this recipe tonight – because we were in a hurry to go out and we needed a healthy in-between snack-maybe-lunch-type-meal before we headed out to a party. I knew were likely going to have greasy take-out for dinner so whipped up this yummy salad to tie us over.

What you need:

-Mixed greens or romaine lettuce
-Roasted red pepper, sliced (You can buy it prepared in a jar in vinegar at the local grocery store)
-Grilled or pan fried mushrooms
-Italian seasoned cubed chicken (I had made this earlier in the week and was using up leftovers!)
-Splash of white balsamic vinegar

What you do:

In a medium saucepan with vegetable oil, cut chicken into cubes, season with salt, pepper and Italiano seasoning spice. Let it cook well, about 15 minutes. Drain from oil, cool.

Pan fry sliced mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil until they soften. Drain and cool.

Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix.

Plate it and enjoy!

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