Our 2016 anti-resolutions

photo: Bryan Kemp
photo: Bryan Kemp

We’ve agreed, we don’t do new year’s resolutions because about 5 minutes later they’ve been broken. Resolutions are a recipe for failure, a way to start the year by putting unrealistic pressure on yourself, and let’s face it, after having the kids home for two weeks, having spent much more than usual on gifts, entertaining and parties – plus outfits for all those occasions – now isn’t the time to come down on yourself for not weighing in at the perfect number, not being the perfect parent, not being… Perfect, period.

Suburban Mommy Michelle says:

photo: Andrew Choy
photo: Andrew Choy

I prefer to set goals for the new year. I say them out loud so they are real and tangible. I usually ask my friends and husband to do the same. 99% of the time I achieve these goals – which is pretty exciting. It’s about setting your eye on the prize, developing your mantra for the year – “Setting your intention” as my yoga teacher would say.

It works.

Here are my personal New Year’s Goals:

Photo: Tomasz Stasiuk
photo: Tomasz Stasiuk

1. Be less wasteful: I really want to focus on buying less so I don’t have to throw out things like spoiled produce from the fridge.

2. Get in shape:  I am not going to say I want to be a size 2, because that isn’t realistic, but it is important for me to get back in shape because I want to feel fit and healthy. Both my boys are solid and I need the physical strength for them. I would like my pre-baby body back – for me!

3. Save: It’s time to put more money in the bank (on a regular and frequent basis). There are so many things to save for – RRSP’s, RESP’s, Rainy Day Fund, Travel Fund….(that’s a whole other blog post)

Urban Mommy Elisa says:

Photo: Amy
photo: Amy

Goals are aspirational. The success is in working towards them, not reaching them. Looking at what you can work on is healthy, and there’s no reason you can’t take time to change for the better. Mine are:

1. Creating more time for family: I’ve got a hectic schedule. I’ve never been good at time management, but I’m seeing the downside to that – so it’s time to take the wheel on that one and make it work better.

2. Screen-free time: I’m a self-confessed digital junkie. After trying to put my phone away and leave it away over Christmas, I’ve realized just how many times a day – while NOT working – I look at a phone, tablet or computer. I need to create more screen-free time during the evenings and weekends.

Photo: Angie Chapman
photo: Angie Chapman

3. Let go: My friends knew me as a laid-back and easy going person. Motherhood has all but snuffed most of my laissez faire. I live like there’s a catastrophe waiting to happen on my watch, and it’s got to stop. Or at least I’ve got to work on it, which is more realistic.

Baby steps.

We have written them down and shared them (I was going to just ditto Michelle’s 3, but decided to take the first step and say mine out loud!) – now what are your goals – we would love to hear!

photo: Silus Grok
photo: Silus Grok
Photo: Jenny Huey
photo: Jenny Huey

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