Rainbow kale salad with tuna

One day we stopped at a local artisanal grocery store for lunch. I ended up trying a kale salad for the first time and instantly fell in love. Here is my take on Rainbow Kale Salad – it is a big hit at my house and an even bigger hit when I entertain. Enjoy. Get creative – so many yummy things you can add to it to make it your own.

inset rainbow kale salad with tuna

What you need

-bunch of kale
-bagged coleslaw or broccoli mix (or shred your own if you’re so inclined)
-a couple teaspoons of olive oil
-a couple teaspoons of white wine vinegar (I prefer white balsamic vinegar)

-Asian sesame dressing (like Newman’s Own)
-a handful of unsalted pepitas or shelled pumpkin seeds (roasted)
-a handful of pecans (broken into small pieces)
-a handful of dried cranberries
-a can of tuna (I prefer chunk tuna in water)**
-pinch of salt and pepper


What you do

Remove kale from stem, rip apart into small pieces, wash. You can do this ahead of time and store in a Ziploc bag in your fridge.

Place in a large salad bowl. Add coleslaw/broccoli mix that (store-bought or fresh).

Drain tuna Add all ingredients to the bowl. Mix thoroughly. Serve and enjoy.

**You don’t necessarily have to add the tuna – you can omit or try a different protein and add to the mix, like boiled egg, roasted chicken, shredded ham, grated hard cheese, cubes of tempeh or tofu, smoked fish, crab, or really anything else that you enjoy.

It’s super delicious, healthy and fast to make.

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