DIY: My son’s Paw Patrol inspired room

PAW PAtrol bedroom DIYWhen you have kids you have to get creative, otherwise you will be dropping a small fortune on, well,  just about everything! My son is obsessed with Paw Patrol. In fact, he was a big fan of the show before it even hit big! We promised to turn his Cat in the Hat-inspired nursery into a big boy room. We embarked on a fun DIY project that involved a bit of paint, decals, picture frames, and some online shopping.

We have some fun tips to share so you, too, can create your own Paw Patrol (or any other theme) room for your kiddos!

The DIY Low-Down

1. Sourcing

This is the most fun – yet time-consuming – part of the DIY project. You get to go shopping! Have a look around in stores and online to find the best deals when you’re trying to put together your character-inspired DIY room. After a bit of digging, I found a bunch of really cool Paw Patrol branded products on Amazon. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I was very selective.

I bought a pack of decals (I believe 40 in total) for about $20. Decals are great because they are easy to apply, easy to remove. They don’t cause damage to paint and can be easily changed if your kid decides they have had enough of Paw Patrol and are onto the next thing (like superheroes).

Next, I found a cute Marshall pillow – I knew it would be perfect for the bed.

Finally, I purchased two Paw Patrol books for the sole purpose of a wall art project.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

My son decided that he wanted his room painted blue. So we found a great colour called Denim Wash from Benjamin Moore. My husband painted his room in a couple of hours and now we had our canvas.

3. Framed Wall Art

paw patrol picture wallpaw patrol pic insetWe purchased 4 matching white frames from IKEA. I selected some great pictures of the various Paw Patrol characters like Chase, Rubble, Zuma and Rocky from the books. We trimmed the edges of the pictures and placed them in the frames. We put the white border page on top and fastened with a piece of tape so that the pictures did not move. My husband placed the 4 pictures in a row leaving about 4 inches between each frame. Grab a hammer and a nail and hang your art.

4. Decorate

We applied a selection of the Paw Patrol decals above the bed, as well as above the cupboard and on the door. Next, we used a reversible bedspread for the bed – black and white checkered pattern (my son already owned this. Repurposing – a great way to save money). Propped the Marshall pillow on the bed. And voila – the room is complete and my son is in Paw Patrol heaven.

You can use the same simple process to transform any bedroom for a any theme – let your imagination go!

Sweet dreams.

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