I did it my way

Mommy, are you and daddy married?

Whether you’re married or not, this question will eventually come up. We were not. They’d caught on.

jump for joyThe big white dress had never been my goal, but apparently the kids were really bothered by the fact that they had a different last name than me. My husband and I were 3 months shy of our 11th anniversary when our 5 and 7 year old started asking why we weren’t married. The 7 year old loved the idea of being a ring bearer. The 5 year old thought he was going to be a “ring bear” and growled.

How could I resist a ring bear.

We’d been engaged since 2007, and having a little summer wedding sounded like a fun idea, so we told the boys that yes, we would get married.

I didn’t wear white. There were no flower arrangements. There was no surf-and-turf dinner.

I did it my way.

My husband and I threw a party – and what a party it was. We avoided seating plans and cake tastings and stress. Never having been one to worry about convention, having the wedding you want – without having to worry about chair covers, boutineers and bouquets – is quite fun. Having your kids at your wedding is simply the best part.

Our kids.

glitterbomb angelsThe flower girl didn’t have flowers, she had sequins and sparkles that she tossed into the air – exuberantly – ahead of my walk down the aisle. During the ceremony our kids made glitter-bomb angels. When we sealed the deal with “I do” one jumped into the air with a cheer – and the photographer caught it all.

So while I can honestly say I’d never intended to walk down the aisle, and we couldn’t have been more committed – with or without the official recognition – our kids gave us a special family memory, one that really was just about our family – our love and us.

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