2016 nurturing you – Getting yourself to shine, post-holiday

alissia painting salvation mountain
Salvation Mountain – being given the opportunity to add a stroke

The holiday season was hectic.  You’re feeling tired, over worked and in desperate need of a makeover. Instead of the usual beauty tip remedies we see come out every January 1st, I thought I’d share with you my secrets to getting glowing skin and a permanent grin from the inside out.

Being a mother means meeting the demands of many individuals, your children, your partner, you career and then – finally – you.

It can be challenging to find that balance where you feel personally fulfilled.  January 2016 marks the beginning of a new year.  I wanted to make a conscious decision to make intentions this year, rather than resolutions.  It’s important for me to live a life of excitement, passion, love and adventure. I want to lead by example for my boys. I want to expose them to a multitude of activities, environments, cultures, languages and the list goes on… Maybe forever 🙂

Boarding with the boys around Santa Monica
Boarding with the boys around Santa Monica

Set intentions that will nurture your mind, body and soul.  Start shinning from the inside out.  That is where the true beauty lies and pure happiness stems from.  Here are a few of my intentions for this year:

  1. Surf with my partner once a week
  2. Have an adventure day once a week- whether it’s going on a hike, checking out a new installation at an art gallery, snowboarding, skating or doing photography.
  3. Teach my boys a new skill in the outdoors
alissia surfing
Alissia Surfing

Experiencing something new or doing a physical activity with your partner or children results in expanding your mind and gets the endorphins flowing.  Is there anything better than that?

So remember mums, take action to create the life you want to live with your children and partner.  This is the year to put those intentions into action; by doing so, I promise that you’ll notice a positive mental and physical shift that will set the tone for years to come.  What are you waiting for? There is no better time than the present to shine from the inside out!

kids in desert
Sharing a special moment in the desert

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AlissiaAlissia Marciano is an international fashion and wardrobe stylist, as well as, an on-air celebrity fashion host. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has worked and forged her talent around the world in such cities as Paris, New York, Vancouver, and Toronto. From guest appearances on Rachael Ray, to the countdown to the Oscars on the red carpet with E!, and co-hosting Look A Like and Sexy Girl,  Alissia is a prominent figure in the fashion industry and her success has earned her the reputation of a highly sought after international fashion and celebrity stylist. Beyond fashion and music, Alissia’s portfolio includes an extensive list of advertising clients including Diesel, ESPN, Nike, Acura, Orbit, and CAT. Her eclectic mix of femininity and rock n’ roll has graced the pages of such publications as L’Uomo Vogue, Neo 2 (Spain), Entertainment Weekly, New York Moves, Wonderland (Japan), The National (UAE) and Filler to name a few. In addition to her work in the industry, Alissia has two beautiful boys with whom she shares many wonderful adventures and creates lasting memories with, surfing and skateboarding being two of their favorite activities.





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