Best gifts for new parents and baby

To be perfectly honest, there are always things you can get for baby. The usual – clothes, toys etc… But, the best gifts for new parents don’t have to be store bought. In fact, labour and love are the best things you can offer.

We compiled some gift essentials below if you want to think outside the box and really provide a meaningful gift beyond the norm.


  1. A Home Cooked Meal or Multiple Meals (if you are really eager).  

One of things I appreciated most when I had my babies was a home cooked meal.  My in-laws were kind enough to bring us homemade, delicious and hearty chicken soup. When you are sleep deprived and barely have time to shower, one of the most appreciated things is food.

My sister-in-law was also sweet and brought over a huge batch of granola in a Tupperware.  I would snack on this in the middle of the night when my blood sugar was low and was breast feeding.  Boy was I grateful.

If you don’t like to cook, then you can always pick up take-out, a prepared meal from your local grocery store or get in touch with a catering company.

  1. An hour or two of your time dedicated solely to baby

Again who has time to shower when you have a newborn, let alone do laundry or anything else? I was forever grateful when my dear friend came to visit and said to me, ” I would like to spend some time with baby only. You do what you need to do – shower, laundry, whatever. I am here you don’t need to worry about a thing.”

So I was able to have a shower that lasted longer than 30 seconds, put away some dishes, do some laundry and eat my lunch.  It was pure bliss!

  1. An ear to listen, shoulder to cry on

Parenting is really, really hard. It is definitely the toughest job in the world. One of the best presents you can give a new parent is your support. Sometimes parenting can be lonely, so a quick one call, text message or email to say that you are here for them is one of the best things you can offer.


  1. Diapers

So babies…they wet a lot of diapers!  And well, diapers are really expensive. So diapers are a great gift. You don’t have to be fancy and do a diaper cake, a box of diapers and wipes will do the trick. I would even suggest buying bigger sizes like 1’s and 2’s so that parents can keep for when baby grows. Babies last in newborn diapers for 5 minutes.

  1. At Home Massage/Esthetician Services

So this present is more for parents than baby – but happy parents equal happy baby. How amazing would it be to send a masseuse or esthetician as a gift? What’s great about it is the new parents gets to relax in the comfort of their own home so it is private and convenient.  I love this one!!!  If I ever decide on number three, please send me this one (joking!)

  1. Gift Certificates to Grocery Stores etc.

With a newborn, I practically lived at Walmart – boy would I have loved a gift card.  Grocery store gift cards would also have been handy and helpful.  As a new parent, you always need food, you always need toilet paper, you always need diapers, you always need baby creams or other baby stuff – so gift cards are perfect!

  1. Cozy Pajamas/Robe

This one is more for mama – A cozy and roomy robe is exactly what a new mom needs, perfect and presentable to answer the door in if she hasn’t had time to shower.

  1. Finally, Wine.

Wine is always nice. Takes off the edge for both mom and dad.

…need I say more.


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