My babymoon in SOBE

Every mama needs to go on a babymoon (with or without your partner) before they give birth because after that, life will never be the same – and travelling will be a little more challenging.

When I was about 3.5 months pregnant I went down to Miami/South Beach in Florida with 2 girlfriends. This was my babymoon and it was great fun! (no tequila shots or table dancing, but I did have a great time).

I am actually a huge fan of Florida – especially the Southern part.  I have been to South Beach/Miami twice and absolutely love the vibe. I have been trying to get down there again with my husband – but to no avail… yet.

Anyway, what’s great about Florida is that you can go there for a short stint and still enjoy.  We travelled there for 4 days.

eden roc miami babymoon inset


We stayed at the luxurious Eden Roc Miami Beach, which I highly recommend (it is about a 15 minute drive to South Beach). It’s a beautiful hotel with gorgeous cabanas and faces the ocean.  It also faces Millionaire’s Row, which is pretty damn cool.  The best part about this hotel was actually the food! I did confirm this with a non-pregnant friend to make sure that it wasn’t my ridiculous appetite getting the better of me. The buffet breakfasts are actually to die for, they are so fresh and delicious. You’re brought a custom smoothie every day, and you can travel around to the different fresh food stations where you can choose from made to order omelettes, cereal bar, pancakes – it goes on for miles.

As adventure seekers, we decided to also check out the infamous Fontainebleau hotel which is adjacent to Eden Roc. The night we decided to check it out, there were swarms of people.  An Escalade pulled up – well I pretty much bumped into Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban. (I told them I loved them or something stupid like that). I attempted to take a pic of them but only managed a snap of Kim’s biggest asset – a blurry picture of her butt. Her body guards were not impressed.  Apparently, the hotel’s night club LIV is amazing, and of course Jonathan and Kim were heading there.

kim and johnathan 2008 babymoon miami


If you are an avid shopper, I also recommend checking out the infamous Saw Grass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale (about a 30-40 minute drive from Miami).  I have to admit that we spent one whole day there and it still wasn’t enough time.  At that time, I raided Motherhood, Marshall’s and a few other shops to load up on maternity wear.  But you name it, this mall has it!  If you want to hang with the rich and famous, go check out Bal Harbour Shops.  It is a beautiful, open air collection of high-end shops.

Bal Harbour, interior tropical fountains, luxury retail


This was a super important factor while pregnant.  I really didn’t encounter any bad food, it was all amazing. You can find amazing restaurants on the SOBE strip. We managed to find an amazing seafood restaurant  called CJ’s Crab Shack.  We each ate a bucket of crab legs for about $20 and had zero conversation because we were inhaling delectable sea creatures in no time flat.  You definitely should also check out News Cafe.  They have delicious breakfast – their portions can be shared by 2 or 3.  This was Gianni Versace’s favourite coffee shop and the place where he had his last meal apparently.

babymoon in miami


So we never did check out LIV but hear it is amazing.  If you are into partying, we had a great time (well I was sober) at the latin club Mango’s Tropical Cafe – there are live shows involving Salsa dancers, elaborate costumes and lots of eye candy for both sexes.

So while SOBE may not be completely kid friendly, it is a definite must for a great babymoon or quick getaway, sans kids.

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