What you need to know about Super Bowl according to Urban Suburban Daddy

Okay, I really don’t get football. I have tried many times to understand it. I love watching soccer, basketball and even baseball. I can even rhyme off the majority of teams and players but football – I just can’t get my head around it. In fact, I find it boring. Men in tights…meh. I can leave it. I wanted to get to the bottom of the importance of Super Bowl for Urban Suburban Daddies, so I sat down with my guy at home to get the down-low!

(Urban Mommy Elisa adds: Boring? Noooooo. I can ref the game better than most officials. I think it’s one of the things that shocked and impressed my husband the first season we were together. I’d call the craziest fouls and they’d review the plays and side with me. I grew up watching football with my dad, and though I’m not a die-hard, I do understand the rules and enjoy a good game. Plus, big muscley men in tight pants – pants, not tights – sign me up! I joke that I can call the winner based on which team has the better butts! (And I’m usually right!) It’s no wonder that my loving hubby is built like  a linebacker. Just saying…)

Back to Suburban Mommy Michelle:

Apparently this year mark’s a major milestone – it’s 50 years of Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos take on The Carolina Panthers.

Peyton - bronco - superbowl
Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Quarterback

The Hardware

The first thing I learned is “Go Big or Go Home.”  According to Urban Suburban Daddy, you must watch the game on a 65-inch TV or larger.  Samsung preferred.

The Exclusive Club

The second thing I learned and most important rule is that no girls are allowed.

Place your bets

Besides watching the game with your closest buds, Superbowl is about feasting on wings, pizza, nachos, drinking beer – Corona – and gambling on just about anything.

“It wouldn’t be Super Bowl without betting”, explains my Urban Suburban Daddy. So what does that mean?  My husband and his crew places wagers on some pretty crazy things.


Who will win the coin toss?  Which team will have the first interception?  Which car maker will air the first commercial?  Which beer commercial will appear first?  How long will the national anthem run?  Last year’s question involved whether or not Katy Perry would show off her cleavage during the half time show? (Apparently she did – yup, all about the ratings).

katy perry inset superbowl
Katy Perry takes the stage (cleavage and all) at the 2015 Super Bowl half-time show


The guys even bet on pizzas. They order pizza from 3 or 4 different companies and then wager which will be delivered first.

Favourite Player

According to my hubby, quarterback Peyton Manning is who he is rooting for.

Halftime Show

This year’s show features Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars (rumoured).  Hubby’s vote goes to Bruno Mars (agreed).

Super Bowl Commercials

This was my favourite question – are the commercials worth watching?  Well they’d better be. Advertisers pay millions to air their spots. Suburban Daddy says absolutely.  Favourite commercial of all time: The Budweiser Wazzuuppp ad.

So I am now no further ahead in understanding the love of football.

Urban Mommy Elisa adds:

Super Bowl is a bit different with my Urban Suburban Daddy. It’s about the gang getting together, cooking up the crazy foods, watching the game with whomever has the biggest TV and savouring the last and best football game of the season. It’s the love of the game (and the food). There’s beer. There may even be a bit of betting (and Vegas gives numbers on just about anything as Michelle says) but girls are allowed, and encouraged. We love the game, the commercials and the half-time show is always a must-see.

I still haven’t lived down the year I was pregnant and they caught me bawling about poor Hank the Clydesdale not making the cut in the 2008 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.

My husband actually went to the Super Bowl once, it’s on his life’s highlight reel. He’s nurturing our boys’ love of the game, and looks forward to the day they join the party.

If only I could find a babysitter for Sunday.

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