Why kids love Shimmer and Shine!

Ok you even have me singing…Shimmer and Shine….ohhhhh…Genies devine. My 4 year old son absolutely loves this fun, musical and loveable show. In fact, every time we watch an episode my son is ready to sing and dance along with Shimmer and Shine.  The songs are catchy right?

The characters have bold and colorful features that even capture the attention of my 8 month old.  I would definitely say that Shimmer and Shine appeals to a wide age range in terms of audience.  We have had kids over to our house as old as age 7, who have also been engaged by the clever story lines and catchy songs.

shimmer and shine

Shimmer and Shine follows the magical adventures of fraternal twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, who unintentionally create chaos while attempting to grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah.  Shimmer and Shine are often joined by their pets a white Bengal tiger Nahal and adorable monkey Tala.  The genies, Shimmer and Shine remind me of such commotion-causing characters as Amelia Bedelia and Curious George.  Who doesn’t love a good story about comedic mishaps leading to successful resolutions?


My son is over the moon because Paramount Home Media Distribution recently released Shimmer and Shine on DVD.  You can pick it up at Walmart.  Here is what you can expect when you pick up a copy for your kiddos (besides lots of smiling faces):

Boom Zaharamay, best friends are on the way in these 7 genie-riffic episodes of Shimmer and Shine! When you have two twin genies-in-training and three wishes a day, hillarious magical adventures are never far away!

shimmer and shine video
Our house gives Shimmer and Shine two magical thumbs up!

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