Oscars Red Carpet Watch by Erica Wearing

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again – The Oscars are this Sunday.  I always keep my eye out for celebrity trendsetters and classic beauties on the red carpet who win the best awards for hair in my opinion.

I’m loving the looks I have been seeing for the awards shows so far in 2016.  The simplicity of just a slicked polished top knot or a clean part with smooth long blunt hair or a fresh chopped bob with blunt bangs makes such a statement yet so classic and simple . I love how elegant this looks. I keep referring to simple  because these styles are not over done yet so beautiful .

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I think my favorite is the slicked look.

What do you need to do it?  Some high gloss polish, a flat iron and a clean part are great tips to achieve these looks.

Also still on the red carpet, we are seeing the Hollywood classic wave with more of a beachy vibe too it.

All of these styles are simple, sexy and classic that we can wear everyday or pair with a glamorous dress.

Looking forward to seeing what the stars will be rocking this weekend for the Oscars!

And straight from the red carpet, we’ve got some really interesting stats from Wallethub.com:

  • 2%: Of Academy Awards voters are Black (vs. 13.2% of the population)
  • 25 Years Old: Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest person ever to earn four acting nominations
  • $3,500: Average cost of preparing a Hollywood actress for the red carpet
  • $220K: Value of the 2016 Oscar Swag Bag
  • 39 Years: Between Sylvester Stallone’s two Oscar nominations for his portrayal of Rocky Balboa
  • 45 Sec: The amount to which acceptance speeches will be cut down this year, thanks to individual shout outs scrolling on the bottom of the screen.

erica with clientErica H. Wearing has been a stylist for over 16 years and she absolutely loves what she does . “It’s a great feeling to help people feel and look their best when they leave my chair. I wouldn’t trade this for any other job in the world!”
Check out Erica at Ka!Boom Hair Salon 1129 West Pender Street, Vancouver B.C .

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