What kind of parent are you?

Over the past 2 years of working in an elementary school, I’ve learned that there are 4 types of parents when it comes to registering their child(ren) for school.

My son was half way to the playground and didn't even give me a kiss or a wave... sniff sniff
My son was half way to the playground and didn’t even give me a kiss or a wave… sniff sniff

The Cryer:

These are the parents that are in tears as they bring in their child’s registration. The one’s that want to stop time and have their child home with them forever.

It’s funny, a lot of the time I find that these parents are an emotional wreck, and their kid has already run down the hallway and is trying to enjoy all the things that schools have to offer!

The Eager Beaver:

These are the parents that want to get their kids out of the house – and would do so now if it were an option. I often find that the parent (or grandparent sometimes) calls in to confirm the age for kindergarten. And it’s always funny to hear the sigh from the caller when they realized that their child is in fact not old enough to start school.

Don't let the shades fool you, I was a full on mess

Don’t let the shades fool you, I was a full on mess

The Undecided:

These are the parents that aren’t sure if they should be waiting until their child is in SK. They are literally on the fence about the school experience. Some look nervous, other’s unsure of how their child will cope. And some, just unsure in general about which is the better option.

The Procrastinator:

Everyone’s favourite, the procrastinator. And there are ALWAYS a few of them. They show up on the first day of school in September, and their kid is ready to go! Knapsack on back, lunch packed and ready to ride the bus.

But not so fast!!

We don’t know a thing about your child. Our school has a few kindergarten classes. And part of the registration process lets us get to know their strengths, any concerns you have as a parent, etc. So it makes it pretty difficult to place you when we met you 2 seconds ago. (Not to mention some Moms are already trying to run out the door to make it to work).

Well, now that you have the list, I have to say that my personal favourite is the Eager Beaver! How would you classify yourself?

(Urban Mama Elisa adds: I was a cryer. Full on cryer. Both boys.  Suburban Mama Michelle says: I’m with Krista!  Eager Beaver is my middle name)

Krista HolmsKrista Holmes, KH Mgmt, became a mother in the summer of 2014. She works behind-the-scenes in the Canadian music industry, designs several social media campaigns and manages special events. Her love for motherhood & music can be found on her blog, mommylovesmusic.wordpress.com.


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