Mommy’s night out

I have to admit, one of the things I truly miss is sleeping in on a Saturday morning – especially after a late Friday night out. I go out with my friends occasionally – the hubby too, when I can get a sitter, but when I want to go home at a semi-sensible hour I can’t help but feel a bit lame. I can hear my former self laughing at my mom-self.

And my friends are all “But you have a babysitter!”

But damn, 6am comes early, especially when you go to sleep at 2am! And I don’t have a morning babysitter. And when they suggest shots, it makes me leave even earlier. The only thing worse than 4 hours of sleep, is 4 hours of sleep and a hangover.

photo: linmtheu
photo: linmtheu

The truth is, though, mama needs a night out once in a while. It keeps her sane.

Urban Suburban Daddy has his boys nights. They usually involve sports – football, hockey, UFC. It’s mostly sitting around with the guys. The funny thing is – as my Suburban partner in crime pointed out – mommy asks if she can go out, but with daddy, it’s always an announcement. “I’ve got plans, I’m going out.”

My husband encourages me to have a night out. I’ve realized, it’s me that turns it into a question.

But what do you do when you go out?

Drinking isn’t the fun stuff it used to be. Dancing? Not without the drinking. Board games? Movies? Coffee? Tea? Gossip and giggles? I actually went axe throwing a few weeks back with a group of friends and it was insanely fun!

But one can only go axe throwing so often.

Axe throwing is a lot like darts - but bigger. It's actually insanely fun.
Axe throwing is a lot like darts – but bigger. It’s actually insanely fun.

I’d settle for a quiet place to sit and veg out for a few hours.

Now going out with the hubby – same but different. He’s not a big drinker, so no bars. I refuse to pay a babysitter so that we can sit in the dark for two hours and not talk, so no movies. Concerts, shows and sporting events can get extremely expensive, very quickly, so dinner ends up being the big night out.

House parties. That’s my favourite thing to do. I love to get together with friends, far away from all the young, childless people that want to drink and dance the night away without a concern in the world for being woken up by a 5 year old with a bad dream or a 7 year old that wants pancakes at 6 am!

Friday nights used to be a whole different thing.



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