Day dates

Urban Daddy and I have a thing – we do day dates.

winter walk

I’m a 9-to-5er, while he’s got odd and ever-changing hours because he works in the film industry. We don’t get a lot of evenings together, and when we do, they’re focussed around the kids.

But while they’re in school, and we’re paying for daycare anyways – it’s the perfect time for a date!

Whether it’s just a quick lunch or an afternoon off of work, we do day dates to perfection. He’s actually a very romantic and creative sort of guy, so there’s often something unexpected.

Remember how fun playing hookie was – when you used to skip class and hit the mall – day dates are that kind of fun; ditching the afternoon and just hanging out. It’s nice just to hang.

day dateI think as parents, we forget that we need to be a couple because we’re so focussed on being someone’s mom and dad. But the relationship needs to be nurtured just the same, and day dates are our way!

If you need some inspiration for a day date, here’s some of our favourites:

The pool. Most public pools have adult swim, we pick one with a whirlpool and sauna – and an outdoor one in the summer.

The beach. Grab a big blanket and board games.

Lunch. Either a quick meet-up at the restaurant downstairs from my office, or a picnic basket and big blanket at the park down the street. Short and sweet!

The spa. A couples massage and some tea while wandering around in a robe and taking a steam. It’s relaxing and indulgent.

Shopping. Costco is really, really fun when it’s not completely packed with weekenders and kids that would rather be anywhere else. IKEA too. Even grocery shopping can make for a great day date.

The pound. We got our second cat, the little white fluffy snowshoe my son lovingly named Captain Coconut, on a day date three years ago on my hubby’s birthday. Two weeks ago we narrowly escaped adopting a dog – a half shepherd/half husky girl named Mika. I think one more pound date and we’ll have a new family member.

A movie. Sometimes there’s something really worth seeing on the big screen. Although I hate paying a sitter so I can sit in the dark and not talk to my husband, afternoon movies are a whole different thing. It’s most definitely hiding away and playing hookie!

Errands. Sometimes there’s a lot of running around to do. It’s better in twos – especially because parking downtown is both expensive and annoying, and with a partner in crime, you have someone to stay with the car while you run in, and someone to sing with when a good one comes on the radio.

Wandering. The park. The neighbourhood. The area around my office. It’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with.

Home. The place all to ourselves. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Noted! We do a few of those already…and strangely enough, grocery shopping out of town/somewhere different than the usual place always seems to spark new recipe ideas. Win, win!


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