Organize your front entry DIY project

This simple DIY can be used in a front entry, mudroom or even laundry room.  It helps to keep the family organized and ready for school in the morning.  It not only adds decor to your space but offers a convenient way to hang your kids backpacks, scarves or even yet your own purse.



1. Decide on the species of wood you want to use, knotty or not.  You can get your pieces cut down at your local Hardware Store (Home Depot, Lowes) – I used 1×8 Knotty Pine planks that I had cut down into 24″ lengths.

2. Once you bring it home, give the edges some sanding to smooth them out and get rid of any jagged pieces of wood.

3. You can either paint your wood planks a solid color or stain them.  I used a wiping stain by Old Masters – I prefer using a wiping stain because it brings out the grain and knots of the wood much better – the stain I used was custom mixed to match my hardwood floors – which in the end ties in really well with the rest of my space.

4.Once you have applied your stain to the edges and both front and back surface your can either finish it off with a clear top coat or leave it as is.

5.Once dry, stick on your frame with a photo of the family member inside (you can also include family pets and hang their leash from the hook), I used the No More Nails tape (extra strength) to stick on both frame and wooden letter.

6. Position your hook on the wooden plank – I drilled two pilot holes for each of my hooks to avoid the wood from splitting.  Once the pilot holes are drilled then use screws to secure the hooks.  I really like the Ikea Bjarnum hooks because they fold in, which makes it very convenient when they are not in use, everything is flush with no protruding items.

7. Lastly hang them on your wall and enjoy!


Kasia Waloszczyk

Kasia Waloszczyk DESIGNS - HeadShot

Kasia Waloszczyk, Urban Suburban Mommy’s Design and Decor expert is an accredited Interior Stylist/Decorator. She also runs her own design company, Kasia Waloszczyk DESIGNS, a savvy and trendy décor service that caters to clients in the Greater Toronto Area. As a colour expert, Waloszczyk has held independent seminars on colour and pattern trends.  She has also worked with design firms overseas, developing textile colours, designs, and patterns applicable for the North American market.

Gifted with a keen eye for colours and shades, Kasia Waloszczyk has been applying her colour and design techniques for more than 15 years in the industry. A design expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, Waloszczyk’s work has always kept her ahead of design trends and has also given her an in-depth expertise on fabrics for creative custom window treatments and unique upholstery, for both residential and commercial spaces.



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