Nationwide Nurse-in Event! April 29, 2016

nurse-in calendar

Today’s in Nationwide Nurse-in Event!  We posted our original article back in January but we are sharing the article again with you today in support of this awesome initiative!  Way to go mamas!

Have you ever heard of Nationwide Nurse-In? You will see more about it as Nationwide Nurse-In Day approaches: April 29, 2016. They’ve just released a new calendar to promote the event. This advocacy group works to support a parent and child’s rights to nurse wherever and whenever. Without shame. Without neglect. Without discrimination.

(We love that this group offers the disclaimer: Pro-breastfeeding does not mean anti formula. Nationwide Nurse-In supports all parents who feed their children.)

Urban Suburban Mommy caught up with Aimee O’Connell of Redding, California. Aimee is featured on the cover of the 2016 calendar, breastfeeding her son, 4 month old Kyson.

aimee feeding kysonAre you a breast feeding advocate?

I advocate for breastfeeding one hundred percent. I want to help change the outlook of society. Feeding your child isn’t something that is weird, sexual or indecent, yet we still see that mindset in today’s society when people notice a nursing mother.

I would love to see a day where people aren’t afraid to look a woman in the eye while she feeds her child – uncovered. Women should be able to breastfeed anywhere, any time without fear of backlash, being shamed or humiliated. I nurse in public and refuse to let anyone make me feel as if it’s something that isn’t natural. Breastfeeding needs to be normalized!

Why did you choose to be involved with Nationwide Nurse-In and this calendar?

I happened to see a post on Facebook by Nationwide Nurse-In Events, requesting mothers who breastfeed or pump or fathers who bottle-feed breast milk to submit their favorite breastfeeding moments, and I instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of this. Breastfeeding is something that I have become very passionate about. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women to be shamed for feeding their babies with their bodies. It’s something that is completely natural and beautiful. I figure, even if it is just one picture, I could do my part in helping to normalize breastfeeding.

How long have you breastfed, how long do you plan to?

My son Kyson is four and a half months old and we are really just playing it by ear right now, but I am hoping that we can reach the two year mark. He is not my first, but he is my first child that I have had to return to work with, so I was worried about having to pump. At first, I nursed on demand at home and pumped on my breaks at work so that we could maintain our breastfeeding relationship. Now, I am fortunate enough that his new daycare is very close to where I work, so I am able to go and nurse him throughout the day. I don’t see any end in sight any time soon.

Have you had issues breastfeeding in public?

I am fortunate enough to have avoided any negative experiences so far. A few inquiring eyes, but nothing that has made me feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, several friends of mine haven’t had the same experience. They have had women come up to them and tell them to put their breasts away; tell them that they should go to a strip club where they would actually profit off of what they were doing. I have also had friends who have been asked to cover up or leave businesses altogether.

What should women ultimately know about breastfeeding?

Do what you feel is best. Don’t let anyone get in the way of that.

Purchase your own Nationwide Nurse-in Events calendar at it will be used to promote and fund awareness of the April 29 event, and check out the site for some great breastfeeding support plus info on state laws and regulations for breastfeeding. Check out the event on Facebook too.


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