What mama secretly wants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. Because one day a year we need to be forced to stop doing all of the looking after and let them dote on us without feeling guilty that we’re not doing all of the work. I love the cards, and kisses, and hand-made crafts and attempts at breakfast in bed.

Happy Mother’s Day

But along with those lovely keepsakes there may or may not be a significant other that buys a thoughtful gift, plans a brunch, permits a sleep-in, coordinates a house-cleaning or does some other pleasantly surprising thing to help us celebrate Mother’s Day. Urban Suburban Mommy asked contributors what tops their list this Mother’s Day – A want, a need and a dream.

AlissiaFashion & Lifestyle Expert
Alissia Marciano

A Want: I want to provide my boys with the most adventurous and unique life possible by traveling up and down the coast of California in an airstream.

photo: Heather Cowper
photo: Heather Cowper

A Need: I need to have an adventure in nature on a regular basis.  Whether its camping, surfing, hiking or getting lost in the desert or forest it keeps me grounded, happy and inspired.

A Dream: To travel to Morocco, drive to the coast and surf with my partner and then one day with my boys.

erica with clientHair & Beauty Expert
Erica Wearing

Willow Stream Spa
Willow Stream Spa

A Want: Being on my feet all day long at the salon and on the run with my little guy  can leave my body achey and my feet  tired

What Momma wants is a good foot rub

A Need: What Momma needs is a mani pedi 💅🏻

A Dream: And what my dream would be is to have a day at the spa indulging in a full body massage  and any other treatment that will leave me feeling like I’m floating on a cloud

(Hint hint Daddy)

Now that’s a Mother’s Day 😊😉

alexis-head-shotLifestyle & Mom Experience
Alexis Nicols

A Want: Bradley Cooper cleaning my bathroom while I sip a chocolate-tini.

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

A Need: Paying someone to clean my house while I sip vodka mixed with a blue Mister Freezie because we ran out of mix. I call my new drink “Anti-Freeze”

A Dream: Honestly, my dream was to become a parent. As far as I’m concerned, every day is Mother’s Day because every day I get to be a mother.

Krista HolmsLifestyle Contributor
Krista Holmes

A Want:  A day to myself! Seems simple, yet likely unachievable now that the busy season of work and fishing tournaments is here. Give me a day at the spa, a good book and a dinner at one of my favourite restaurants with my husband.

A Need: A housekeeper. I would LOVE to not have to clean or cook. Even just for a week or two. This is a close “wish” to my dream (and it’s definitely second in line for a dream – especially if it happened on a regular basis).

photo: Kris Arnold
photo: Kris Arnold

A Dream: A holiday. If my husband couldn’t get the time off, I would be more than happy to go on my own! (As he’s been on 3 “holidays” without me, either while pregnant, or since giving birth). The thought of having a couple of days to myself is enough of a reason to dream about a vacation, but ideally not having to cook for anybody, or do any housework makes it that much more of a dream.  Top if off with a delicious tropical bevvy and my dream is complete. (Ok, sunshine and some time at a pool would really help, but who are we kidding – I could easily vacation just about anywhere, anytime as long as I don’t have to cook or clean!)

Urban Mom4844 Elisa KeayCofounder/Editor
Elisa Keay

A Want: A car detailing. The kids make such a mess of my car. I admit, part of it is my fault, I let them bring their breakfast into the car when I’m running late or have a drink or a treat on a long drive, and it ends up mashed into the seat and floor. The leather seats need a treatment. The smell that has developed needs to be banished. The toys and schoolwork needs to be managed… HEY, wait – this shouldn’t count as a Mother’s Day gift or even a want. They OWE me a car cleaning since it’s THEIR mess! (Before kids, my car was always impeccable… is that too much to ask?)

A Need: I need a new bike. I hate my bike plus it has a wonky pedal. The kids are now at the age that we can start riding places as a family. My stupid bike is fine for popping out to the store or to meet friends for a drink, but it’s not comfortable if we’re going to head out for the day.

The new Porsche 911 Turbo. Because what else does one do with an extra $180,000
The new Porsche 911 Turbo. Because what else does one do with an extra $180,000

A Dream: A Porsche. I want a Porsche. A silver Porsche. Then I could drive over to Alexis’ house and help her watch Bradley Cooper do the cleaning.

(Wait. Why am I the only one not interested in alone time and a house cleaning? My house is a mess and I’m never alone – even when I pee. Nope. I want a Porsche.)

And I judge teachers by the crafts they think of for the class to make mom. The cards and gifts that last, that include a picture or a handprint in clay get bonus points. The ones that create big bobble jewelry for me to wear for the day also get points. The ones that make things too delicate for a 5 year old to manage getting home so that the day starts with tears and a hot glue gun, however, are the ones that inspire me to feed said 5 year a cappuccino and two bowls of high-sugar cereal before sending them off to school for the rest of the school year.

michelle for mothers day postCofounder/Editor
Michelle Daides

A Want: I want 8 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep. I may have to file this one under my dream category considering my current situation with my two little monkeys! But all I really want is a night (maybe at a hotel alone with a cozy down comforter) where I can drift off to sleep and actually dream.

A Need: I need Octopus arms so I can juggle the many tasks I tackle everyday as a working mom. Way too many!

photo: YXO
photo: YXO

A Dream: An extended vacation in a very exotic place like Fiji or Greece. A place where I could sleep for 8 hours uninterrupted. Use only 2 hands to practice yoga. Eat healthy food cooked by someone else. Breathe in the salty ocean air. Walk down the beach before sunset barefoot with the sand tickling my toes…my children and husband greet me with a big hug and kiss. Not sure I want to wake up from this one…



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