Dressing boys can be fun – with celeb stylist Alissia Marciano

Who says boys are no fun to dress?!

bow tie
Les Gamins G&R bow tie

Being a woman and a mom, I’ve always incorporated boyish elements into my code of dress.  So when I became a mother to two boys, it was a thrill for me to be able to create cool boy looks and drape them on my lovable, little monkeys.

It can be challenging to find stylish duds for little men. I do find that there is a lack of good options when i walk into independent kids clothing boutiques.

For high street stores like Zara Kids, they do have quite a good array of options when it comes to basics – ie: your skinny black jean, lowered crotch jeans and nice thin cotton t-shirts.   But when it comes to unique pieces to layer, it can seem like you have to search high and low before finding that perfect piece.  Here are a few designers and pointers that will make your fashion hunt a lot easier.

  1.  Remember not to shy away from fun patterns when dressing boys.  Mix and match and have a blast – after all you’re only a kid once. (I think…)
  2.  Kids can wear boy ties too!  A nice way to dress up a boys look for a special occasion or dinner out is by choosing a bow tie with a playful pattern. I really like skulls on little boys.  Check out the bow ties below.  My favorite label is Les Gamins G&R.  They are available online…get yours while they last!
  3.  Just like for women shoes are also a hot accessories for boys. They add personality to any little ensemble. Vans are definitely my go-to, but check out AKID as well for some great styles.
  4.  HAVE FUN – these petit munchkins won’t always let you style them so take advantage while you can!
Skull Skate
Skull Skates
Move over sneakers, there’s some serious kid kickass shoes coming atcha!
NUNUNU biker overalls
NUNUNU biker overalls
Bacabuche striped tee
Neal triangle shorts
Joah Love Neal triangle shorts
NUNUNU lowered cross pants – half and half pant
Ezzerkezzer has some really cool lightning bolt tees and graphic pants
Vans, every boy should own a pair. Or two. Or three…




2 thoughts

  1. Too cute! I try to dress my baby boy up too, but it definitely is more discouraging when you walk into a store and 80% of baby clothes are cute dresses instead!

    So we end up buying some cute outfits, 2-3 sets of the same but different colors and patterns. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The majority of our contributors here at Urban Suburban Mommy have boys too. Yes completely frustrating but Alissia Marciano always provides some great solutions! Now we have to rob a bank…lol.


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