Food. The answer is food.

Know what the hardest part of parenthood seems to be for me?


It’s an ongoing frustration for me. There’s breakfast. There’s lunch. And then, before you know it, there’s dinner. And it’s not like it ends there. Noooo. They want snacks and desserts and on top of it all, you have to shop for it all, make sure it’s all coordinated, fresh, nutritious and delicious.


Well, that’s how it feels for me, anyways. I work full time. I find getting good, hot nutritious dinners on the table – meals the kids will eat – is a constant battle. It wasn’t quite as hard when I had just one babe, but once the second arrived I realized that I just might not be the master of the meal that I always thought I would be.

The best thing happened when I brought my second little one home – a friend sent a week of meals to me as a baby gift.

GoodFood delivery!
GoodFood delivery arrives in organized pre-measured packages sealed in a freezer type box.

It was the best gift ever. She lives 2,500 miles away and somehow discovered an amazing local chef (who, coincidentally, and unbeknownst to her, was also a good friend of mine) who provides meal delivery and uses only fresh, whole ingredients.

Dishes arrived in reusable containers with instructions for how to reheat, what to pair, possible combinations and a few little treats.

The week of meals probably saved my family from starvation.

Prepping a GoodFood meal
Prepping a GoodFood meal – Roast Pork & Crunchy Apple Salad with Braised Endive in Mustard Sauce

Don’t underestimate the power of food. And if you’re just not able to make it, there’s no shame in finding someone who can. There’s a reason why meal delivery services are cropping up – they’re an awesome alternative to restaurant delivery. Can’t eat pizza every night (sometimes I’m not sure why!) so having access to someone who can prep meals and bring them over is a beautiful thing.

GoodFood - heating it all up
GoodFood – heating it all up

GoodFood, a local meal delivery company, recently gave us a sampler care package. With a 4 year old and a 6 month old, Suburban Mom Michelle, gave it a try. It was tasty, and even better, it was easy!  The meals only took about 35 minutes to make and the service provided inspiration to get creative and healthy in the kitchen. Suburban Mommy Michelle says: My absolute favorite dish was the Lebanese-Style Meatballs over Bulgur and Crispy Green Beans. I am still dreaming about them.

It’s not a new idea, and we can’t be the only ones finding meals a huge effort, the likes of supper prep and meal services are cropping up all over. From Supperworks – where you go in, make meals as a group and have a week’s worth of decent dinner from a night’s efforts, to Chef’s Plate, feeding your family for you is a thriving industry! You can say pshaw to your mama’s slowcooker, these have made it even easier!

Grocery delivery. Food boxes. Meat packs. It’s all about getting you fed with some flavour and nutrition. And they do it with style, making you feel good about it too!

And if you’d like to save $25 and give GoodFood a try, use this link for your first order:

GoodFood simmering on the stove
GoodFood simmering on the stove – Pork and Bean Stew with Winter Squash and Chopped Kale


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