DIY Teddy Bear Diaper Cake

Years ago one of my dearest friends presented me with the most adorable diaper cake. She’d made it – and themed it! A Cat in the Hat diaper cake – It was incredible, and probably one of my most favourite gifts ever.

I wanted to create a special shower gift for my nanny who is expecting a baby girl in July and I immediately knew.  It’s personal and made with love – and it is also very practical.

Who doesn’t need diapers?

My husband and I dedicated one glorious Friday night to this DIY project. It was fun and easy. I bought diapers at a local pharmacy and, if truth be told, the rest of the items I purchased at the dollar store.

What you need:

  • A box of diapers – I used some cute Mickey Mouse themed Huggies.  You need at least 60-80 diapers. I suggest buying sizes 2 or 3 (you know how fast newborns grow)
  • Decorative tape or thick ribbon
  • Double sided-tape
  • A round serving tray/platter (The silver tray was a dollar store score). This will serve as the base of the diaper cake.
  • Two large baby creams or oils or whatever you like (I bought Johnson’s Natural HEAD-TO-TOE foaming baby wash & Natural Nourishing Baby Lotion). These bottles are used for the core of the diaper cake
  • A variety pack of elastic bands (about 100) – they should include very large elastic bands
  • Decoration: We choose a windmill, a teddy bear baby rattle and a teddy bear plush toy with velcro arms
  • Scissors

What you do:

Click gallery for slide show

Creating the base and cake tiers:

  • Start by rolling your diapers, rolling the open seam first
  • Tightly wrap a medium-sized elastic around the diaper (prep about 75-80 diapers)
  • Take your serving try and place your first bottle in the centre of the tray, affix with double sided tape
  • Carefully stand each of the rolled diapers around the bottle so it forms a circle.  Your first tier or bottom tier will consist of two circles of diapers. Once first circle of diapers are standing upright and form a circle, use a large elastic and place around the set of diapers to secure them in place.
  • Start the second circle of diapers for the bottom tier, place standing diapers around the first circle.  Once done, place your large elastic around the circle.
  • You are ready for tier 2 of the diaper cake. Repeat the same process for the first tier.  However, you will only need to make one circle of diapers.
  • Once you reach the third or top tier, you will need to add the second bottle.  Place it on top of the other bottle and repeat the process of standing up the diapers and placing them in a circle and then securing them with an elastic.
  • You can always add diapers later to make the cake fuller once you have secured the circle of diapers with an elastic.

To decorate:

  • We used colourful fabric tape in hot pink and silver. (You can also use ribbon). We had two different patterns. Place the tape around the cake and over top of the elastic bands, you may have to adjust some of the elastics so that the tape covers. We had to add double sided tape on the ends of the decorative fabric tape. Repeat for the other two tiers.
  • Take teddy bear baby rattle and place it around the neck of the pump bottle.
  • Place teddy bear (this one had Velcro arms, making it easy!) with arms so that it hugs the top tier of the diaper cake.
  • Place the stick of the windmill through the top tier of the cake
  • Tie a ribbon around the teddy bear rattle’s neck as decoration

You are done! Feel free to get creative and have fun. You can make a diaper cake for as little as $40 dollars if you can catch a good sale on diapers. The total time for this DIY project is about 30-45 minutes.  Granted I did have help from my husband, so maybe factor in a little extra time.

Diaper rolling technique: 



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