At the barber shop

I really want the boys to start caring about their appearance. At 8 and 6, they’re no longer babies, and I want them to start developing certain habits – like checking that their clothes are clean and neat, keeping their hats in good shape, taking baths or showers after sports – and going to the barber shop to get their hair cut properly.

He loves coming back from the barber
He loves coming back from the barber

The haircuts are actually a big thing in our house. I love their hair to grow long and shaggy, but my husband likes their hair high and tight, like his own. He goes so far as to pick the boys up at school on his days off and take them for haircuts, because when I’m around I always find a reason not to let them cut their long blond shag.

Seriously – my husband goes without my consent. I guess they’re his boys too. And I haven’t lost it on him yet. He tortures me by texting me pictures mid-cut.

Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber (played by Jim Carrey)
Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber (played by Jim Carrey)

But the problem was, he was taking them to cheapie mall shops. It was hit and miss. My 8 year old had ‘Dumb & Dumber’ bangs, a la Lloyd Christmas, just in time for picture day.

So I started insisting that if he’s going to get their hair cut, he has to use a proper barber. Luckily, we have The Hastings Barber Shop at the corner. It’s a cool shop with real barbers who know how to give a good cut and a shave. While the boys may have to wait another couple of years for the shave, they do a mean Harvard clip and a great tapered shag.

At The Hastings Barber Shop
At the Hastings Barber Shop

My husband, who has a great love for shaving his own head and wearing facial hair, is being won over by the barber shop experience. I mean, if I love the pampering of going to the salon, why shouldn’t they get the barber shop experience.

And now that he’s barbering, I think I’ve found the perfect Father’s Day treat for him. I stumbled across Truefitt & Hill. This established British line is available in a few shops, locally and around the world, and is really a virtual haberdashery. I can’t decide exactly what I want, but I have a thing for those manly smells, leather, cigar smoke and scotch, intermingling in a musky aftershave that lingers in the air as if to say, “Your man was just here.”

I see him with a straight razor, because they’re just a great piece of paraphernalia of manhood. The clippers may be okay for his head, but I think a clean and careful razor is a wonderful piece to own.

Dovo Classic Straight Razor
Dovo Classic Straight Razor

And the boys need some pomade for shine and hold without being overly chemical laden

Hair Management Pomade
Hair Management Pomade

And I’m kind of thinking he might need this gift set. (I lie. It’s for me. I can’t get enough of their scents.)

Ultimate Comfort Gift Set
Ultimate Comfort Gift Set

Lots of great products, I love the rediscovery of the barbershop and the the things that go along with it. Can’t wait for my guys to enjoy these.

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