Award-winning country music artist Jason Blaine on being a dad

Urban Suburban Mommy caught up with Jason Blaine. A great Canadian talent, he’s won awards and hit the charts – shaking things up on the country music scene. His current hit, Dance With My Daughter is a sweet song and says it all about “enjoying the now” because it goes too fast. Oh, how we can relate. With a sone and two daughters – and another addition on the way, we enjoyed his perspective on being a dad. Talking about parenting is always fun, it’s great to get to check in with a dad once in a while!

Jason Blaine
Jason Blaine

What is the best part about being a dad?

For me, the best part about being a dad is getting a chance to be a bit of a kid again as I play with them and see their joy as they live their childhood through all the special occasions, holidays, birthdays, vacations and fun firsts.
Imagine a 36-year-old Spiderman trick-or-treating with no children. Someone might yell, “go home, you’re drunk!”

Lol. If you’re a dad with kids trick-or-treating, it’s perfectly ok!

What would you like to receive this Father’s Day?

I’m on the road and away from my family on Father’s Day this year so all I would like for Father’s Day is to just get a phone call or a few minutes on FaceTime with them. Perhaps some messages on social media if anyone requests “Dance With My Daughter” for someone on the radio or CMT:)

with the fam
with the fam

Why did you write the song “Dance with My Daughter”?

I wrote “Dance With My Daughter” after my wife had signed my daughter and I up for our first Father-Daughter dance. I was really moved by the whole evening as I witnessed so many men being good Dads. As fathers, it’s so important to give our daughters a foundation of love and respect to show a little princess how a lady should be treated – so that one day she can recognize those qualities in the good man she chooses to share her life and raise her own daughters with.

What’s the hardest part about being on the road?

The hardest part about being on the road is simply being away from my family. I’ve missed a few things – not many – but I do get a case of career-dad-guilt from time to time. That said, I know that part of being a responsible parent is putting the work in so that we can enjoy those fun times and so that they can feel safe knowing they are taken care of.

What’s the funniest thing your children have done?

There are so many funny moments with our kids but the one that comes to mind at the moment is the time our three-year-old daughter, Sara, had completely demolished her bedroom, it was a mess! She was standing in the ruins holding her two soft monkey dolls when she looked up at us and quietly said, “The monkeys did it.”

What is your proudest dad moment?

My proudest moment as a parent so far has been when our three kids came up with the idea to put together a care basket for one of the homeless people in Nashville. We watched, with our hearts bursting, as they handed it to them and thought that there is no greater personality trait than that of compassion.

From Pembroke, Ontario, Jason Blaine won CMT’s talent search: Project Discovery in 2002. He released his first hit within the year and has had an impressive 6 albums with numerous singles, videos, awards and nominations. This country music star has a clear handle on parenting and a lovely family as his muse. He also does a lot of giving back, supporting several causes and organizations.

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And for more on YouTube – follow Jason Blaine

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