Father’s Day gifts from the kiddos’ POV

I remember being a kid and thinking that it was really important to go shopping for Father’s Day – a special mission. Every year we’d get my dad the exact same thing – a soap-on-a-rope and a box of turtles chocolates. It couldn’t be Father’s Day without those 2 things. (In fact, it couldn’t be his birthday without those gifts.) Every year he’d unwrap his soap and chocolates with eager excitement and anticipation – and it made us so happy to see how much he loved his gifts.

It’s funny, because looking back on the experience, if it had been any normal man I’d have said that he was just being kind to play it up to make us feel good – but my dad was not normal.

Not in any sense of the word.

He loved his soap-on-a-rope and he loved turtles. These he considered it a special treat. He could well afford to go out and buy himself anything he wanted, but he didn’t. Soap-on-a-rope and turtles were prizes, gifts, and he’d wait – for Father’s Day, his birthday,  – and then revel. The turtles would last all of five minutes, but that soap – it and its rope would be savored down to the last sud.

It’s funny little rituals, odd little quirks, unique and individual personality traits that make our parents so dear to us. My dad is gone, but those memories are as vivid today as they were the day they were made.

Now that I have my own family, we have our own traditions. Over the years the boys have picked out different things for dad. He loves the things they pick out. Whether it’s something he can use or something he’ll never open, he cherishes those gifts because they come from his kids’ hearts. While I like to believe I’m a good gift giver and that I help steer the kids in the right direction, I think they could give him lumps of coal and he’d be happy, because those lumps of coal were chosen especially for him by his most favourite people in the whole world.

I guess that’s why my dad was never faking the happiness over his soap-on-a-rope and chocolate, why he actually savoured every last sud. It was never about the soap.

Insert epiphany here, lol.

We thought it would be fun to find out what some of Urban Suburban Mommy’s contributor’s children (who range in age from infants to teenagers) wanted to get dad for Father’s Day.

Lifestyle contributor Krista Holmes
Tyson, 2 year old

I asked Tyson (keeping in mind he is not yet 2 and more than 2 words is considered a win!) and he said “ish” which means FISH, and boat….these 2 things will make his Dad incredibly happy as other than hunting, fishing is his favourite past time (and he’s shopping for a new bass boat).

tyson and dad

Parenting expert Lauren Millman
The kids

Because daddy works so hard we want to give daddy a day off and we just want him to relax and eat and sleep. And maybe play a game or two with us. And he can have all the ice-cream he wants,  and Mom, you can take his phone and computer and not give it back to him until the next morning.

Lifestyle contributor Alexis Nicols

Nate (4): A giraffe.

Me: A giraffe?!? Honey, wouldn’t that be too big for the house?

Nate: (Sigh) OK fine mommy. A cat. He wants a pet cat.

(It should be mentioned that Nate wants a pet cat.)

Ben (17 months): Bah. (Translation: “After much soul searching, I’ve determined that our father would greatly appreciate a power-tool of some kind. However, I believe that the buying of “things” does not fill the existential void in one’s soul. Therefore, I would bestow upon our father the gifts of joy, love, peace and clarity. Also, I just pooped.”)

Editor Elisa Keay
The boys, 8 and 6 years old

The 8 year old wants to get his dad a car. Dad’s car is on its last legs and our Urban Daddy has dreams of a brand new… minivan. It’s not something I can get excited about, but the fam loves to pile in for drive-in movies and he really does love driving his minivan. The little guy even remembered to ask for it to have stow-and-go seats. And it has to have a drink spot beside his seat too. Kids.

Dodge Grand Caravan
Dodge Grand Caravan

The 6 year old wants to get dad Lego. Star Wars Lego. He has some Star Wars Lego and has agreed that Dad needs to put it together with him, but he has decided that he should buy his dad a really really big Star Wars Lego set so that they can do it together. And he will keep it in his room, nice and safe – for Dad.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75105)
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75105)

…I may actually have to buy Star Wars Lego for Father’s Day. I’m not buying a minivan, that’s for sure.

Editor Michelle’s Daides
4 year old son

Me: What do you want to get Daddy for father’s day?

E: A plastic spider.

Me: Are you sure?

E: No wait, wait. I know he loves music. A musical CD.

Instead, we decided on a special dance for you – Daddy, you are worth it! xo


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