Managing your fro and frizz in the humidity

We all have those horrible hair days where humidity gets the best of us.

My hair turns into a huge frizzy mushroom head.

(Urban Mommy Elisa and Suburban Mommy Michelle chime in here to add a resounding ditto! Huge fro and frizz all around!)

Real Sexy Hey 😂😂😂😉

As a professional stylist I am always interested in finding new products that help hair perform its best. I’ve come across some great new products that we started to carry In our salon @kaboomhairsalon  called evo

I’m loving our new line!

I thought I would share a few of my favourites to battle those frizzy, big hair kind of days. I also have a couple of hair styling tips that should help you out on those hot summer days 😎

The Great Hydrator  Moisture Mask – Conditions, adds moisture, reduces frizz while greatly improving hair manageability

Happy Campers – Leave in moisturizer. Restores moisture and protects from the sun

Easy Tiger Straightening Balm – Tames curls and those fly always with weighted conditioning

Icon Welder – Helps protect hair form hot tools and humidity

Love Touch  Shine Spray – Helps protect from humidity and fight frizz

The Therapist – Calming shampoo and conditioner. Prevents fading colour, hydrates and moisturizes dry frizzy hair

evo products
evo products

And here are a few of the most popular looks for this summer. Taming the mane has never been easier than with these styles, even in the humidity:

Braids braids braids.  Love this look. Not only is it a great way to keep your out of control mane tucked away from the face it also is a softer pretty style that’s one of the hottest hair trends for summer 2016

Another hot hair trend that goes great with your bikini poolside, or perfect for a sexy date night is the tight and slicked back. It’s hot, clean and perfectly under control.😍👌🏻

Remember ladies, always  treat your hair like you treat your skin. With lots of moisture and love. ❤️

erica with the littleErica H. Wearing has been a stylist for over 16 years and she absolutely loves what she does . “It’s a great feeling to help people feel and look their best when they leave my chair. I wouldn’t trade this for any other job in the world!”
Check out Erica at Ka!Boom Hair Salon 1129 West Pender Street, Vancouver B.C .

alissia marciano hairbyericaw

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