From baby to toddler – we made it!

We made it!  The little guy is a year now.  I survived, my marriage survived, both children are alive.  We are golden.  I am blessed. I am still part Zombie mom but I think this is par for the course.

My little guy had 2 birthday parties in honor of the 1 year milestone.  He was showered with a ton of amazing gifts including some really cool and interactive toys.  More on this later.


Of course my baby brain made me forget how hard the toddler years are!  I thought dealing with a baby was difficult.  But now, my son who I have aptly nicknamed Bam Bam is exploring everything!  What does that mean?  You can’t leave him alone for more than 2 seconds. Bam Bam is very strong too.  He can reach and pull down things from counters.

The other day I turned my back and was calling his name.  Next thing you know, I found my little guy half way up the stairs. His favorite thing to do is open and close drawers and pull things out.  He has pulled everything piece of clothing out of the cupboard.  Or better yet, he pulled out all of my Ziploc bags, tin foil and plastic wrap.  I always wince and pray that he doesn’t catch his fingers in drawers.

Then there is the remote control. My little guy loves to play with this thing.  Somehow he even manages to pull out the batteries.  If I am not quick enough, he decides that sucking on batteries far out weigh the excitement of a pacifier.  Help me…

Now back to the flurry of toys. He has a ton of them, yet the remote control, my oven mitts, and a cereal box provide the best entertainment in his world. I really could have saved some money had I remembered.

Although I thought I had baby proofed my house – I guess I need a re-do.  I think it’s about time that I rearrange some drawers, install a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and replace his toys with non-working remote controls and cell phones (with the batteries removed).

Yes I survived year one (again)! High fives all round.  However, I have to say what gets me through the day is at least 2 glasses of coffee and a nice stiff drink.  Anyone else agree?

Happy Birthday Love!


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