Mama and her two year old’s milestones

two year milestones - tyson in chairOne month from today, I will officially be the mother of a 2 year old. WHOA! So many things come to mind, but as I have discussed, milestones are one of the main focuses. (And of course, celebrating it, which I will keep low key until 3!)

Here’s our list of “concerns/milestones/highlights”:

200 words

(I stopped counting at 170, and I deserve a medal for this). R’s and F’s continue to be a challenge. ‘Nuff said.


Tyson is SUPER resourceful! This was pointed out to me by one of my best friends who works in the child development field. She listens to me whine and complain about milestones (enter the 200 words) but reminds me of the many things that Tyson (Ian and I) are doing well.

Time Timer

two year milestones - tractorI just learned what a time timer was a few months ago. Some would think, working in a school, that I would know what a time timer is. (Side note – it is ultimately a clock that has a countdown feature with the “hands of a clock so that kids can learn what 30 seconds,1 minute is, 20 minutes, etc).

Anyways, back to the time timer.

My friend encourages the use of a time timer at a young age, as we are always telling our kids “1 minute”, etc. I looked into the app, and chose not to purchase it as I do not need Tyson on my phone anymore than he already is! I am hoping to get a used one as I do like this idea of teaching Tyson what 1 minute is (or 20 minutes when I need to make dinner uninterrupted!).

Potty Training

YIKES! We’ve been encouraging the idea of the potty for the past few months just by having it next to our toilet. We purchased pull-ups. Close to his birthday, we are “committing” to this.



It’s still a big deal – of course different than it was back at the 9-month mark of exploring all of the different meats. Now I’m trying to “let loose” and let my son eat processed meat. Or chocolate. Or ice cream. Any helpful suggestions? (I am serious).

Now, onto a 2 year old boy’s birthday plans. I could have a theme. And a special cake. And invite friends…. OR, I could just say wait until he’s 3.

two year milestones - sand boxDo I want to have a cake made? Sure, if it was free. This is no different than my opinion on the cake-smashing concept; it is just not for me. Tyson would likely enjoy it, but 10 years from now am I going to be happy that I spent $40 on a cake that he ate one bite of and then moved onto his new toy for the sandbox? Nope!

I am going to do a fun photoshoot with a local photographer to have an amazing set of pics to remember this time – pre birthday – which I will use the gift certificate that my good friend gave us at Tyson’s shower. The shoot will include a few fun fishing shots, and then I will host a small shin-dig at my parents’ or in-laws’ place.

I think that when he turns 3 my thoughts on his birthday, plans will become more exciting. A themed party, special invites, and likely loot bags. (side note – I have already started a board on Pinterest for potential party/theme ideas!)

But for now, give me the strength to make it through potty training!


Krista HolmsKrista Holmes, KH Mgmt, became a mother in the summer of 2014. She works behind-the-scenes in the Canadian music industry, designs several social media campaigns and manages special events. Her love for motherhood & music can be found on her blog,


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