10 Questions with permanent cosmetic artists at The Good Geisha

Amber (L) & Anna (Right)With the taboo long-gone from tattoos, the trend of permanent makeup has really picked up in popularity. I mean, as a mom, I rarely feel I have time for makeup (I’m lucky if I brush my hair before putting it up into a pony tail or topknot) and my morning routine really lacks any beauty to it. Getting permanent makeup is the solution for some. It may be enough for some to get the look they’re going for – for others it’s a basic foundation to their full regime. And it always looks perfect, never a smudge! It’s not only makeup – cosmetic tattooing can be used to hide blemishes and correct scars too. But really, you know you want to know more about it, so we caught up with owner of The Good Geisha,  Amber Gotzmeister who holds the designation of CIDESCO in medical esthetics, and Anna Chow, a trained and expert cosmetic tattoo artist to find out a bit more about cosmetic makeup.

1. Make-up trends change so much – won’t my make-up look dated if I get it tattooed on?

Trendy makeup designs don’t make good cosmetic tattoos. That’s why at The Good Geisha, we aim to customize every individual’s tattoo to enhance and accentuate their features. It is better to be on the conservative side to ensure a timeless cosmetic tattoo. We want to make sure you’re happy with your decisions for years to come.

2. Is it the same process as a typical tattoo with a tattoo gun?

Cosmetic tattoos are real tattoos.  At The Good Geisha we use a state-of-the-art machine exclusively made in Germany for unbeatable precision and comfort; in comparison to a coil or rotary tattoo gun used for body work which is much more aggressive in the skin.  We perform procedures on eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, as well as paramedical procedures for areola, scalp and camouflaging work.  We also use a more traditional method utilizing a manual device called a “microblade” for eyebrow work that is very gentle in the skin and results in a very realistic hair stroked look.  This procedure has become increasingly more popular due to the fact that it is shorter lived and therefore less of a commitment.

3. Is it safe to have a tattoo needle so close to my eyes?

Yes, it is absolutely safe with a certified and trained technician. All eyeliner procedures are performed with your eyes closed, which makes things a lot more comfortable for the client.  Before any eye procedures are performed, a protective eye lubricant is applied into the eye as an extra level of precaution.

4. Can you do blush so that I always have a natural rosy complexion? 

Yes, however this is only an option for a very few skin types.  We measure skin type by the Fitzpatrick Scale (which is a universal scale used to determine melanin density in the skin).  Only those that fit into the scale at a 1 or 2 qualify for this procedure.  Booking a consultation is required in order to determine if this is a procedure for you or not.


5. What should I look for when looking for a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist?

You should ask how long their training program was.  They should have a minimum of 100 hours of training. How long have they been in the industry? Are they insured? Also ask to see their portfolio of work containing “before, after and healed” photos.

6. Are there cleaning/health/sterilization standards in place like a traditional tattoo parlour? 

Yes, exactly. All tattoo parlours and cosmetic tattoo shops are required to follow a strict sterilization/sanitation process imposed by Health Canada. All tools and needles are required to be 100% disposable only and must be disposed of properly, in combination with full barrier protection of station and technician/artist.

7. What is microblading? Micropigmentation?

Microblading and Micropigmentation are two different methods to eyebrow tattooing.

MICROBLADING is a short term tattoo for the eyebrows.  We use tiny pin like needles (not an actual blade) to implant pigment into the skin approximately 0.5 mm deep using a manual tool.  This results in crisp realistic lines that resemble real eyebrow hairs.  This style of tattooing is meant to last up to 1 year.

MICROPIGMENTATION is a permanent tattoo for eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, beauty marks, colour correction, scaring, areola/ nipple complex, and scalp using a state of the art electrical machine.  Any form of tattooing on the face, palms of hands, and soles of feet will fade faster than anywhere else on the body. Therefore the longevity of the tattoo will be unique to each person’s needs, skin type, and lifestyle.

Eyebrows - Before
Eyebrows – Before
Eyebrows - After
Eyebrows – After

8. Can any tattoo artist do cosmetic tattooing, or is this a very specialized field?

Cosmetic tattooing is a very specialized field. We specialize in tattooing skin that regenerates quickly and is constantly exposed to light.  These factors create a significant change in the way colour is perceived and so we need to have a greater understanding of colour and how it appears or presents itself through the skin.  For anyone looking into cosmetic tattooing, we highly recommend doing the research to look for certified and reputable cosmetic tattoo technicians to ensure a positive experience.

9. Will I have to refresh and touch up over the years to keep it looking good, like conventional body tattoos – what is the lifespan of a cosmetic tattoo?

 Yes. As with all tattoos, they do fade over time. The lifespan of any tattoo really depends on the individual. Factors such as skin type and lifestyle can impact the longevity of the tattoo. A quick refresh of pigment is all it needs to make the colours pop again!

10. Can you correct the red spots/scars/blemishes on my face?

Cosmetic tattoo can help camouflage certain scar tissue, however this will vary and it will be dependent on the scar. For those who are inquiring about a particular scar, an assessment with the technician will be the best way to find out.

AmberAnna.GoodGeishaThe Good Geisha offers complimentary consultations to help assess the possibility of any cosmetic tattooing. If you’re in or around Toronto, give The Good Geisha a call at 647-351-8899, email info@goodgeisha.com, visit GoodGeisha.com or stop in at 576 Dundas St. W.

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