Mommies’ night out

We did it. We went out. Urban met Suburban and the two of us got to spend a long, luxurious evening together, enjoying dinner and cocktails at The Good Son recently.

Chef Vittorio Colacitti at work in the kitchen
Chef Vittorio Colacitti at work in the kitchen

Just to clarify, it was us – Michelle and Elisa. No kids. No husbands. Just a girls’ night out – a mommies’ night out!

It happens so rarely that either of us get out without kids that it was a bit of a shock. And the truth is, most of the time when either of us gets out of the house for an evening, it’s with the hubby.

Getting out with a friend used to be so commonplace. Before getting married I was out every and any night of the week. Before having kids, a night out with friends or husband was always fun but not a special occasion.

Now, finding time, coordinating schedules, making sure nobody’s kid had a soccer game or baseball game or playdate or cold or a boo boo to kiss or… Let’s just say it took a long time to find a date to work for us both.

It was a Tuesday, and it was spectacular.

It’s hard to fathom whether the most delicious part was the cocktails, the dinner, the dessert, or just the fact that we enjoyed a night out without kids. At least we got to discover the most sumptuous of restaurants in Toronto’s West Queen West area. Chef Vittorio Colacitti was kind enough to have us as guests at The Good Son, and we can’t wait to go back again.

Being that both of us are moms to two boys, there was no lack of irony that we were headed to a restaurant called The Good Son.

If you haven’t yet been, and you’re in the area, go. Just go. The room is gorgeous, the menu is full of flavours and enticing ingredients – and the drinks…

Great staff
Great staff

With the wonderfully attentive Adam at our service, he left us wanting for nothing – in fact these two mamas had to cut ourselves off after 2 cocktails (it was a school night and, who are we kidding, those kids get up way too early to have a third on a Tuesday night!).

While I stuck with a classic bourbon sour – it went well with the ambiance, the food and the fab company – Michelle got adventurous and Adam helped her find just the right mix on the menu for her cocktail-drinking pleasure. Enter the Tikki Tikki Bang Bang. Trust us, your life isn’t complete until you’ve tried one. Michelle ended up with what can only be described as a sweet one-two punch of tropical fruit juice and good rum. Later on, she switched over to a martini – Yesterday Once More. (We have the recipe for you if you’d like to try one at home!)

We dined the way friends do. As plates arrived we shared and tasted.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.04.12 PM

We indulged.

Jerk Shrimp
Jerk Shrimp

Chef Vittorio stopped by, helping us decide on the next course – and the next.  Jerk Shrimp, Steak Tartare, Seared Scallops, even a trio of desserts!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.03.59 PM

No grabbing. No snatching. No complaints. No drinks spilled. No hollering that someone wants to leave before mom has finished eating. No eating quickly to anticipate a restless child or his ill-timed bathroom breaks!

Though I did wear an off-white top which will never be the same after drips of several different foods landed on it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.03.28 PM

I always say I can’t wear white because of my boys. I have to stop lying to myself. I’m the reason I cannot wear white. Sad but true, though the wait staff did teach us a great trick with lemon juice and soda water that seemed to work wonders.

You know what you’re missing in your life? A mommies’ night out. We always make time for all of the sports and activities, the playdates and the outings for the kids. Mommy needs some time to herself too. It comes back gradually, as the kids get a bit older, but it’s amazing how long we can put off taking time for ourselves.

Let us know where you go for Mommies’ Night out – we’d love to hear what you discover!

If you’re headed to Toronto, head on over to Queen West and Dovercourt. The Good Son at 1096 Queen St. W. is not to be missed. The 5,000 pound wood-burning oven in the open kitchen is a showpiece, and watching Chef Vittorio Colacitti and his talented team prepare dish after dish is a show in its own right. The Good Son has got a people-watching perch of bar stools and counter facing Queen, while the eclectic and elegant dining room is indulgently comfortable, calm and appealing. High ceilings, low light and lots of great design plus great food, spectacular drinks and NO KIDS! (or bring the kids, they’re welcome too) equals a meal to remember.

For a bit of nightlife, Wayward is located upstairs and has an edgy speak-easy feel, where DJs spin hip-hop and hot beats all weekend. For those outside of the city, Vittorio has just launched Born and Raised. His food and inspiration are as diverse as his clientele, but everything is whole and local and rich with flavor.

Make a date, make a reservation, have a drink and enjoy. You’ll be glad you listened to us!

The Good Son 1096 Queen St. W. 

twitter @thegoodson_TO

facebook icon The Good Son Toronto

instagram The Good Son_TO


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