Organize Your Kids Wardrobe – DIY Project

It’s tough being a mom.  Now add in early mornings, multiple kids, multiple opinions and little time to get the kiddos dressed, fed and out the door for school (without forgetting anything of course). Kelly, a busy mother of 3 and mompreneur thought of a clever way to keep her children’s clothes organized while providing them with independence and choice.

Although Kelly’s kids attend a school where they have to wear a uniform, Kelly’s daughter still manages to change her mind several times about the right socks or right shirt etc.  So Kelly sat down with her two older kids and asked them to help pull together 5 outfits for each day of the school week.

back pack

Kelly purchased plastic, 5-drawer, see-through organizers from a local department store and printed free day of the week labels that she found online and affixed them to each drawer.  She then hung a hook in each of the kid’s rooms above the plastic organizer and hung their back packs.

Now the kids know what they are wearing each day when they wake up so there are no arguments or time delays.  Each of the kids can get dressed on their own while Kelly tends to her youngest child.

We think this idea is brilliant – thanks for sharing Kelly!!!


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