ABCs are not as easy as 1-2-3!

As many of you know, I have been doing my best to ensure that my son had 200 words by the time he was 2.

Thankfully he reached that goal.

And I know that we are not suppose to compare our children to other children but we all do! So imagine my surprise the other day when I was flipping through my Facebook feed, only to find that someone at least 2 months younger than Tyson already new their ABCs?!?!?!

(And had the cute video posted on Facebook!).

I immediately got worried and starting singing the ABCs. Throughout the house. And then I quickly gave up when I realized that Tyson would much more prefer the newest season of Paw Patrol (yes – already on repeat for the 2nd time since going up on Netflix last week) while I was making his dinner.

photo: Tim Moreillon
photo: Tim Moreillon

I asked my husband, Ian, what he thought about it, and his response was as expected: Our kid knows lots of other things – who cares?!

Obviously this mom cares!

I started thinking of ways to incorporate more song into his day (and quickly gave up). I am debating over buying that alphabet soup….but not sure if it’ll hold any ground on the always reliable chicken noodle soup that Tyson devours at least once a week.

Should I go and buy magnets?

Should I sign him up for speech classes?

Should I survey all of my friends with kids around the same age to see if there kids are at the same calibre of sing-songs?!

So I did what I thought was best. I chatted with 2 friends (who both have a lot of kids and I respect their parenting/teaching style), and quickly decided that it just might be ok that Tyson doesn’t know the alphabet. (Or care to for that matter).

Of course, I am not opposed to any suggestions as to how your child learned the ABCs, but for now, we will continue to work on the Paw Patrol theme!

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