Alexis Nicols

Alexis Nicols is a fellow mommy and Urban Suburban Mommy’s humourous lifestyle and mom experience contributor.

1. What funny things have you found yourself doing now that you are a mom?

I guess the funniest thing is how far I’ve let my standards slip for personal hygiene and the state of my home: eating floor food, washing my hair with the kids’ bath wash, etc. I also find it hilarious when I have to tell people in my home not to put their feet on the table, or tell my eldest not to drill/saw/hammer the baby.

2. Favourite thing to do with your family?

Anything that burns energy. We’re huge fans of SkyZone, skating, swimming, playing in the park, running around Ashbridges Bay, gymnastics. When they’re a little older, we’ll start taking the kids on bigger trips. I can’t wait for that one!

3. Urban or Suburban?

I live right downtown. It definitely has its charm (as well as more restaurants than you can shake a stick at), but I think I’m definitely suburban at heart!

4. What is the most important life lesson you would like to teach your children?

I would encourage them to never stop learning and trying. To be brave, kind and gentle. To always stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves. That’s more than one, I know:)

5. You are trapped in an elevator…who do you want to be stranded with you? You can have 1 hour of alone time with 3 people…?

a)…I get time to myself?? b) You’re asking someone who literally can’t go to the washroom without an audience. I would pick my two best friends – Ben & Jerry. If I had to add a third, probably my good friend Chianti.

Alexis Nicols is a marketing specialist, actor and freelance writer. She lives in urban Toronto with her husband and two sons, but is definitely suburban at heart. She regularly dodges the slings and arrows of parenting boys, considers herself a connoisseur of stretchy pants and hopes that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train.

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