Kasia Waloszczyk

Meet design and decor expert Kasia Waloszczyk, a fellow mommy, interior stylist and formidable DIYer.

1. Three things every household should have if they are keen on DIY?

Glue gun is a staple item for any DIYer. It’s great for a quick fix on just about anything in the house. Add to that a measuring tape and laser level – could not live without these. Almost every DIY project requires measurements, you don’t want to waste time searching for rulers or making costly mistakes. The last tool would be a multi screwdriver – just makes everything so much easier. I don’t like searching for tools, especially when I’m focused on the project.  A multi-screwdriver comes with the necessary bits required, making your project that much simpler to complete. Whether you are a DIY expert or a beginner, the above will always come in hand.

2. Best thing about being a mom?

Watching your little one grow. Every day my 3 year old surprises me with a comment or statement about her toys, her pet cat – or just life in general. I always wonder, where did she learn that from?

Our most recent convo:

Me (trying to be playful) “Izzie go wash your paws please.”

Izzie – “Mommy I’m not a Polar Bear, you mean go wash your hands.”

You got me (when did we even talk about polar bears??). It’s amazing how fast they learn and absorb everything around them. The mommy cuddles and kisses also rank in first place as best parts of being a mom.

3. Favourite place to go with your kids?

IKEA…lol, it’s true.  It’s the best of both worlds, something for everyone. I always walk out with a new project in hand, my daughter is fully entertained with the playground, the toys and the touch screen pods and my husband is happy with the food.  Perfect. Everyone is entertained and fed and we’re hauling a new item back home.

4. Black or White?

You mean black AND white – and a must for every home regardless of what your design style is.  Black and white is a staple concept that adds drama and a classic touch. Whether introduced in a small way through a decorative cushion or throw or perhaps designed where the entire room reflects a ‘black and white’ style it truly is a look that will never date itself.

5. What makes you laugh?

Not so much what but who – Lucille Ball – my absolute idol. I started watching I Love Lucy when I came to Canada at the age of 8 and would crack up at every episode. The beauty was that you didn’t even have to understand English to be able to laugh at what was going on. By far she will always be the Queen of Comedy. To this day I still watch her episodes over and over, especially when I’m cleaning the house. It helps me relax and laugh – the whole family is into it.

Kasia Waloszczyk DESIGNS - HeadShot

Kasia Waloszczyk, an accredited Interior Stylist/Decorator, also runs her own design company, Kasia Waloszczyk DESIGNS, a savvy and trendy décor service that caters to clients in the Greater Toronto Area. As a colour expert, Waloszczyk has held independent seminars on colour and pattern trends.  She has also worked with design firms overseas, developing textile colours, designs, and patterns applicable for the North American market.

Gifted with a keen eye for colours and shades, Kasia Waloszczyk has been applying her colour and design techniques for more than 15 years in the industry. A design expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, Waloszczyk’s work has always kept her ahead of design trends and has also given her an in-depth expertise on fabrics for creative custom window treatments and unique upholstery, for both residential and commercial spaces.