Kate Nash

Kate Nash is Urban Suburban Mommy’s Tech & Biz expert, and the mom of 3 sweet boys. Full of energy and living it up, she always has the inside scoop on the next big innovation.

1. You are stranded on a desert island – what three things do you take?
water, my iPhone and a solar charger!

2. Ocean or Lake and why?
Lake. I grew up having a cottage in Muskoka and the lake always reminds me of my childhood. My boys now spend their summers on the lake!

3. Life’s motto?
If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

On really bad days: Drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and handle it!

4. Best part about being a mom?
Seeing them growing up, making good decisions and celebrating in their success.

5. What 3 things are always in your car?
Coffee, music and a few extra outfits….