Lauren Millman

lauren millman.jpgMeet Lauren Millman, Urban Suburban Mommy’s Parenting Expert.

Lauren says:

1. Best part about being a mom?

There are many – like wiping away their tears, giving and receiving hugs and kisses, and being able to impart life lessons – but one really amazing thing about being a mom is being able to praise and compliment them. It makes me feel good, and them feel good. I get to show them how I proud I am of them, and they get to feel that proudness, and be empowered by that, and feel love through it too. For me, That’s one of the best things.

2. Urban or Suburban?

I’m currently suburban, but my heart and soul are urban.

3. If you could have one super power what would it be?

To take pain away. Thank goodness for time, patience, a lot of love, and the power of a loving parent or caregiver to make it all ok.

4. Favourite movie you love to watch with your kids?

I love Hotel Transylvania. It’s a great movie, and there are a few great morals in it, but you’ll have to watch for yourself to know what they are.

5. What is your life’s motto?

Be kind, be nice, and don’t judge. My kids know this like the back of their hand. We must always be kind and nice, and never judge, because you just never know what’s going on for someone. Underneath the facade – clothes, heels, and the makeup – may be someone who really just needs your smile or kindness.

In Private Practice for over 12 years, Lauren Millman is one of Toronto’s most highly sought-after Marriage Coach and Counsellor, Family Interventionist, Mental Health Practitioner, and Parenting Specialist, and is a regular Guest Contributor on TV’s Rogers Daytime (York Region), The Mediation Station, and SiriusXM Radio Canada.

Lauren is an International Best Selling Author, was recently featured in the Toronto Star, and writes regularly for several online publications. Lauren continuously gives back into the community with speaking engagements and workshops, and in 2014, was the Recipient of the International Women In Leadership Award by the International Women In Leadership Foundation. Lauren lives in Toronto with her husband, 3 children, and their 2 dogs, and is currently accepting new clients. You can reach Lauren at 416-576-5881, and visit her website at