Elisa Keay

Meet Elisa Keay, co-founder/editor for Urban Suburban Mommy.

Urban Mommy Elisa says:

1. Why did you choose urban?

Urban Mom4844 Elisa KeayI love living in the city. I grew up in the burbs, and while I had an amazing childhood, I always longed for the city. I headed downtown any chance I could, and once I made my move to my first apartment downtown, that was it. There was no going back. If I can’t walk to a 24-hour store or cafe within 5 minutes of where I live, something is wrong! Ask my husband for back-up and he’ll tell you that when we were dating I made him agree that I’d never have to leave the city core. I even gave him specific boundaries.

2. Best part about being a mom?

Watching them grow and become their own individuals. The night-time snuggles. The belly laughs. The opportunity to do fun things. The “I love yous” and the hugs and kisses. The ‘isms’ each of them have and the funny things they say spontaneously.

3. Three things you can find in my purse besides the usual wallet/phone/keys?

1. some sort of toy (I’m obsessed with minions and usually have one with me),  2. dental floss, 3. my compact.

4. Favourite meal?

Brunch – or did you mean like a favourite dish? I get stuck on a dish and will eat it for weeks or even months on end, then get sick of it and won’t do it again for a year. Right now my favourite dish is green shrimp curry

5. What makes you laugh?

Everything makes me laugh. I have a potty sense of humour too, so I find the crude little boy jokes really funny. Plus, I married a man whose sense of humour knows no bounds. Truly. When I was in labour the nurses couldn’t believe I was laughing the whole time. I don’t know how he did it, but he kept me giggling until I couldn’t catch my breath, even through the worst of it – and it hurt!. At one point, when I was at about 6 cm and the contractions were coming fast he told the doctor to pack it up, that we were leaving. That I’d decided I’d rather go up to the cottage and have a water birth in the lake. I could barely contain myself as I assured them we weren’t going anywhere.

Elisa is a mom of 2 very active and outgoing little boys and wife to a modern day superhero. She’s an editor and writer by day, having worked on a large national portfolio of magazines over the last 13 or so years. She loves traveling, reading, champagne-testing and plans to take over the world, one playground at a time.