Michelle Daides

Meet Michelle Daides, co-founder/editor for Urban Suburban Mommy.

Suburban Mommy Michelle says:

1. Why did you choose suburban?

Suburban Mom4896 Michelle DaidesFor the most, I part grew up in suburbia and really haven’t known anything different besides a very brief stint living abroad in London, England. I like the space, the air, less pollution, abundance of green parks. My family lives close by so I am happy to be here – I also feel like this is the best place for us to raise our family. We don’t live right in the country so getting downtown is very easy by car or train (or bus). I live in a suburb that has lots of amenities that I can walk to – grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, spa etc. So I have the best of both worlds – open space, amenities – minus the hustle and bustle, bumper to bumper traffic.

2. Best part about being a mom?

Unconditional Love. My boys love me for who I am and for the simple fact that I am their mom and love them to the moon and back. I also love snuggling, hugs and kisses.

3. Three things you can find in my purse besides the usual wallet/phone/keys?

Hand Sanitizer, sometimes a pacifier or a bib, an ample selection of lip balms/lip sticks.

4. Favourite meal?

I absolutely love seafood. Give me a nice plate of steaming mussels, crab legs or lobster and I am in heaven. I know – not the healthiest – but you asked!

5. What makes you laugh?

Usually when my boys start laughing – (including my husband) – it is pretty contagious. We are all pretty silly and like to have fun. My eldest son likes to dance – we let him listen to popular songs and he has a great time either imitating dance moves in the videos or he does a good freestyle – pretty hilarious when I join in too!

Michelle is a woman who wears many hats and is not afraid to say it. She is not only a dedicated wife and mother of 2 boys but she also is a successful mompreneur. She runs MD Media Inc., a boutique video production and marketing firm that is dedicated to building brands and building profiles. Michelle has a passion for all things creative including a love for great films and theatre.